UFO Phenomenon


Physical abduction and telepathic contact. Are intelligence agencies responsible?

AIDs As A Weapon Of War

The great powers renounced chemical and biological warfare 20 years ago--but kept right on experimenting.

AIDS: The New World Order's New Final Solution

I must admit I am just a little gun shy about publishing this particular article for obvious reasons. Who is going to plead guilty to inventing the AIDS virus? Do I think it was invented? Absolutely and without a doubt.

Aurora Again: USA To Russia In About An Hour?

Code name, Aurora, once thought to belong to the B-2 Bomber or to the F-117A Nighthawk programs, is now known to refer to a super-secret hypersonic long-range stealth aircraft designed and built for the USAF and CIA at Lockheed's ADP facility in B...

Canadian Sighting

CE-3 landing witnessed by six, approached by two.

Celestial Arks

One theory presented by some UFOlogists is that a great ark or "mothership" may be orbiting Earth or laying at anchor in deep space just this side of a "Black Hole" dispatching scientific probes and reconnaissance craft to our planet from time to ...


Perhaps some of the most controversial and contradictory information concerning attempts at space communication surrounds the project known as Cyclops.

Designing A Deep-Space UFO

Our UFO must be large enough to house a human crew of 10 or 12 comfortably for a long period of time (several months).

Does 70 Years Of Research Pay Off?

Electro-gravitics research--seeking the nature of gravity and its control--has reached a stage where profound implications for the entire human race have emerged.

Early Research

On October 3, 1967, the North American X-15A-2, piloted by USAF Major William J.

ET Body Language: Are they related to crop circles?

As if strange symbols appearing on the ground aren't intriguing enough, how about "body symbols"?

Fallen Rainbow: Navy downs UFO

Disturbing new reports of downed UFOs and captured aliens, of cover-ups by federal agencies and harassment of citizens seem to be increasing worldwide.

Flying Saucers - Then and Now: Nazi Weapons or the New "Final Solution?"

As early as 1943, German engineers and scientists had proposed and built several disk shaped aircraft. For the most part, these aircraft were conventionally powered by Jumo axial flow turbine engines.

GAO Opens New Investigation Into The Roswell Crash


Get Now What Is This?

Odd things in the sky; discs coming from the sea near Hawaii!

Hollywood Propaganda and Other Nonsense

A number of people contend that secret societies have financed Science Fiction and Science Fantasy films to prepare us for the day when we are overwhelmed by off world beings who are coming to harvest us as food.

How Can We Find Out What's On Those Secret Bases?

UFO's and America's new aircraft technology are the most closely guarded government and military secrets in history.

Identified Flying Object: Two Dimension and Multi-Dimensional Worlds

CIA's latest hypersonic spy plane, Aurora, is capable of flying at altitudes of at least 200,000 feet (40 miles) and at speeds of Mach 6 (4000 miles per hour) or greater.

Lightships, Black Holes, Anti-Mass Fields

According to a 1987 Gallup poll, almost 50 percent of Americans believe Flying Saucers are real. 30 percent or more believe they have seen odd phenomena that may be UFOs.

List Of Alleged Secret Projects

Field experiment #13417-T-137: Nerve gas released to determine range of open air dispersal and effects of weather on potency. 417 Americans died. Government controlled press to hush the story.

LUNA: What Is This Strange Thing Orbiting Earth?

Three theories have been postulated to explain the moon, none of them really worth their salt. The first is that the moon was created from the same cosmic dust cloud at the same time as Earth about 4.6 billion years ago.

Mars. Monuments, Cities, Pyramids, Roads and Canals!

Mars has featured in mankind's fantasies and mythology for thousands of years. The planet itself is named after the Roman god of war.

Men In Black: Menace Or Mirage?

Ominous entities visit UFO witnesses to threaten and coerce them to silence.

Mind Control

Subliminal transmissions used during Gulf War.

Missing At Los Alamos

What's $12 million between friends?