Flying Saucers - Then and Now: Nazi Weapons or the New "Final Solution?"

As early as 1943, German engineers and scientists had proposed and built several disk shaped aircraft. For the most part, these aircraft were conventionally powered by Jumo axial flow turbine engines. It is possible that one or more of the several designs built were powered by some electro-magnetic force or cascade type engines.

It seems likely that some of the aircraft were remotely guided (RPV's), were extremely fast and highly maneuverable. Other models were flown by human pilots and it is remarkable to note that, in at least one drawing, the pilot is standing up, rather than strapped into a seat!

Before we jump to the conclusion that the aircraft was surrounded by an anti-mass field rendering the craft and crew massless, we might suggest that this particular model (Rudolf Schriever's "Flying Top") was simply a low-flying, slow and cumbersome jet "helicopter." It was certainly not very aerodynamic.

When some disks came into close proximity to Allied bombers, the bombers would sometimes experience electrical and instrument malfunctions. Aircraft bearing radar sets might lose signals. Electronic gun aiming devices might fail.

It is clear from the reports that German scientists were using technology that was 25 years or more ahead of our own.

But it was human technology, not "alien" technology. That is why the Nazis were not able to destroy the advancing Allied bombers and ground troops with these saucer shaped aircraft. One of the greatest problems Germany had during the latter stages of the war was their inability to produce sufficient numbers of reliable jet engines.

Had they been able to do so, and had Hitler utilized his jet aircraft as fighters rather than bombers, the outcome of the war might have been far different than it was.

Before the fighting was even over, teams of American, Soviet, British and French investigators were combing the countryside searching for German hardware and engineers. The Soviets captured nearly all the disk shaped aircraft that had not been destroyed along with most of the engineers and support personnel who had been working on the project.

American and British intelligence reports indicate that at least one model of saucer was destroyed with its blueprints to prevent it from falling into the hands of the advancing Allied troops.

But others were probably recovered, some intact, and shipped with thousands of other German aircraft and ground weapons to America for back-engineering studies. Ground support personnel, engineers and scientists, pilots and ordnance personnel were also kidnapped and brought to America to develop weapons for the U.S. arsenals.

Some of those weapons, years, decades ahead of American technology, were the flying saucers. It seems likely that at least one model of German saucer may have been back-engineered and flown by a large aircraft manufacturing company in the Pacific Northwest, somewhere around Seattle, Washington.

While there is no hard proof for this suggestion, several sightings in an area within the flight range of early German jet engines is, at least, evidence from which we should begin an intelligent investigation of those reports.

To bring you up to speed on circular all-wing aircraft, the first such craft photographed and recorded was in 1910, seventeen years before Charles Lindberg flew the Spirit of St. Louis solo across the Atlantic Ocean! This crude wood and fabric disk actually flew with a pilot hanging precariously beneath it; the first "alien" aircraft!

That captured German technology advanced American science by 25 years is beyond doubt. We might speculate that unreported German technology may have advanced American and Soviet science as much as 50 years! The Philadelphia Experiments may have been attempts by the US Navy to test German theories on matter transportation. The rocket back-pack was developed from German ideas to transport their ground troops en masse using these personal little jet boosters! Waffen storm troopers would have rained from the skies, crossing front lines at will day or night!

But how does this relate to the modern UFO phenomena? Is there a connection between German disk aircraft of the Second World War and V/STOL aircraft we see today flying from and to Nellis AFB? Are developments of German saucers flying the skies now? If so, to whom do they belong?

I think there can be no doubt that saucer shaped nuts and bolts aircraft reported as UFOs are refinements of German disks of WWII. While some attempts had been made to refine these craft during the years immediately following the war, the project was probably put on hold for a number of years until modern computers and modern composite materials were available to use in the construction and guidance of these craft.

If anti-mass fields have been developed for use on moving craft, these disks could travel at extreme high speeds and perform extreme maneuvers without harm to the airframes or to the crews.

Without anti-mass fields, the extreme maneuvering aircraft would fall into the category of HIMATs (Highly Maneuverable Aircraft Technology) and might be unmanned (remotely piloted). At least a half-dozen aircraft in this category are being tested at Area 51 at any given time. Some of these craft are disk-shaped or "Flying saucers,", ovate ellipsoids and/or Spanloaders (Flying Wings). Others are fairly conventional airframes constructed of composite plastics and RAM fibers or with RAM coatings.

But even very conventional USAF aircraft like the F-16, fitted with vertical canards, can now perform maneuvers so extreme that they could render the pilot unconscious for long periods of time, even to the point of death. These aircraft are fly-by-wire systems and a computer takes over if the pilot does not regain consciousness after a short period of time.

As noted in several other reports, I am convinced that 80% of what we are seeing in the skies of every country in the world is nothing more than military hardware, very advanced aircraft, both manned and unmanned. I am convinced that this technology has been developed from theories expressed before, during and after WWII in Germany, in USSR, in America and in the United Kingdom.

I am convinced that cascade engines exist and are being used to drive aerial cars surrounded by anti-mass fields ( a fairly new innovation for the saucers?) and that they have been developed primarily as instruments of war and population control.

I am convinced that most nuts and bolts UFOs are, in reality, one or more of these vehicles and I am reasonably certain that off-world space craft are NOT visiting this planet, never have and probably won't in our lifetimes.

I am also convinced that humans are being abducted for military medical experiments and that animals are being mutilated to develop new and even more deadly toxins and viruses than those already released onto the populations of the world.

But if there are no off-world craft, no aliens, and no cosmic plan to invade and conquer Earth from far places such as Zeta Reticuli, who is abducting our comrades and killing our livestock? Who is implanting our friends with mini-micron transmitters? Who is stealing human children? Whose is this face, this enemy, this goblin we fear but know not?

By his own admission, Bill Cooper is uncomfortable when lecturing about UFOs. His lectures were geared toward UFO buffs because, he claims, "... they were the only ones who would listen to me."

But Bill Cooper is not uncomfortable when lecturing about the Shadow Government and the Illuminati. Much of what he says concerning this subject is similar to if not identical to the sobering literature of the John Birch Society. It is true, it is frightening, and if you don't know what is happening, it could kill you!

There is not room here to express this ideology, however, if you are interested (all Americans should be!), I urge you to attend a lecture and listen to what Mr. Cooper has to say on this subject, particularly as it relates to the UFO phenomenon.

For those of you who are too young or disinterested in true historical events, I will present a capsule synopsis of the founding of the John Birch Society.

In 1942, Col. Jimmy Doolittle and his B-25 crews launched an attack on Japan ("30 Seconds Over Tokyo") from an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean. They struck their targets, primarily of psychological value only, and headed for China because none of them had enough fuel to make it to any other friendly country.

In China at that time was U.S. Army Captain John Birch. Birch helped find and return all the air crews who survived the crash-landings of their B-25s.

At the end of the war, in 1945, Capt. Birch was captured by the Chinese Communists, imprisoned, and tortured to death. Maintaining a steadfast faith in God and country, Birch refused to tell his captors what they wanted to know. His body as hanged from a pole and mutilated by bayonets until it was unrecognizable.

In 1958, Robert H. Welch, a retired candy maker (Welch's Candies), founded the John Birch Society with headquarters in Belmont, Massachusetts. It is dedicated to the preservation of the American Constitution, States Rights, Bill of Rights, abolition of unfair taxes, reduction of federal power, etc., and opposing the powerful men of Socialist politics who control or will control all world governments.

The basic ideology is that ultra-liberalism is equated with Socialism and Communism or creeping Fabianism which may cause the downfall of the Republic.

If you are interested in Mr. Cooper's sobering ideas about UFOs and the Shadow Government, you should make an effort to contact him or, at least, listen to one of his lectures.

It appears increasingly likely that the entire UFO phenomenon, particularly the so-called conspiratorial cover-up, is orchestrated by these powerful groups as a prelude, a softening-up, to the announcement of an invasion from outer space and the formation of a One-World Government under the guise of planetary security which will transform itself into the New World Order.

The New World Order was first expressed by Adolph Hitler as he began his expansionist lightning war causing the deaths of over 80 million people. There is no reason to believe that the New New World Order will be any less threatening or more tolerant than the Old New World Order, because it is all the same World Order and murder is the name of the game. Plan on one-tenth of the world population (500,000,000) to die when they stage their big UFO "event." They will probably pass this off as the "Rapture" so you won't argue too loudly about being murdered ("Carousel").

Remember: this will NOT be a nuclear war. Nuclear bombs dirty up the atmosphere and the terrestrial environment and the Illuminati have to breathe and eat just like the rest of us. This "event", which will occur in the near future, will be a biological war. They may demand that people be inoculated to protect them from an "alien" Andromeda Strain. The injection they receive will be HIV or some other even more deadly toxin or virus.

Briefly, the UFO "event" which should occur within the next few years, certainly by 2000, will be declared as an invasion from space by "greys" or other creatures. A new World Government will be established to deal with the calamity, probably with promises that as soon as the aliens are all dead, each country can have its government back.

That, of course, will never happen. We will all be under a single dictatorship, new money will be printed, your life savings won't be worth the paper it's printed on, all gold and silver will be recalled, border guards will be stationed on all roads and highways, firearms will be confiscated and hundreds of thousands of us in every country on Earth will be murdered by agents dressed up like little grey aliens, flying around in their advanced saucer shaped aircraft firing laser weapons from space and spraying us with biological toxins.

At an appointed time, they will unzip their costumes, declare a victory and we will find ourselves slaves of a World Socialist Federation. That's the real UFO conspiracy!

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