ET Body Language: Are they related to crop circles?

As if strange symbols appearing on the ground aren't intriguing enough, how about "body symbols"? Lee Walsh, UFO investigator from Damariscotta, Maine, has in her files a number of reports from New York, Massachusetts, Maine and some Canadian Provinces in which people describe symbols left on their bodies after encounters with UFOs. The earliest report, from New York State, was in 1976.

Figure #1 shows a page from a diary containing several symbols. Figure #2 is a later report shown a different set of symbols reported to have been left on the skin of people who have investigated UFOs or who have had encounters with UFOs. Figure #3a and 3b show symbols or glyphs cut into a stone stela and amulet that have been discovered in Maine.

The two-holed amulet was a common fetish among prehistoric Maine tribes, but the rayed sun and the Eye of God on the reverse were more common in Europe. Nearly identical glyphs have been found cut into lava flows on Grand canary in the Canary Islands off the African west coast. The people of the Canaries are believed to have drifted southward in boats or rafts from Europe or, more specifically, from Portugal, on the Gulf current perhaps 10,000 years ago.

The two holes in the amulet were bored to place a thong for draping the amulet about the neck, but the glyphs and symbols are, for the moment, outside the experience of Richard Will, the archaeologist from Castine, Maine who has been studying the find.

The "hooked" x-symbols at the bottom of the amulet are nearly identical to a symbol of the Dogan tribe of Africa, used during a narration of the origin of their tribe on a distance world called "Numo" somewhere in the constellation of Aquarius.

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