AIDS: The New World Order's New Final Solution

Introduction and Comments

I must admit I am just a little gun shy about publishing this particular article for obvious reasons. Who is going to plead guilty to inventing the AIDS virus? Do I think it was invented? Absolutely and without a doubt. First, where has it been during the past 5000 years? Why haven't we had exposure to it sooner, like in the last 50 years? All of a sudden certain countries and entire continents are coming down with the AIDS virus and no organization, body, group, or whatever you care to call it will offer a clue to the real source. It certainly wasn't some monkey in Africa.

Over the last twenty years the genetic scientists have been having a field day inventing all kinds of new "life." Some have even been granted patents for their creatures, which are usually various types of bacteria, etc. One patent was granted for the invention, or more accurately, creation, of a type of bacteria that eats oil, handy for oil spills I guess. Now do you think for even a second that a virus like the AIDS virus couldn't be created with all the genetic engineering that is going on around the world? There are certain types of bacteria that are living in test tubes in labs around the world that if released would cause the end of mankind in less than a year. The real question is why we allow these bozos to play in labs, making all kinds of new and artificial life in the first place. It is going to backfire. In fact the author already feels it has, through the deliberate release of the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus); that's what AIDS is really called.

Something happened in June of 1991 so extraordinary that nothing like it has ever happened before. The Surgeon General had mailed to every address in the United States a brochure attempting to explain AIDS, its danger, myths and means of transmission. The absolutely amazing thing about this was that it was done at all. Think of this for a minute: the Fed mailed this information to every address in America. That in itself should tell all of us something that the media has somehow missed--that this is a population-destroying virus. It is significant that they did the mailing, and that should be very significant to anyone who knows how our government works and what kind of very real panic those who really know are experiencing. When something like this brochure is made available as it was, you can be very sure that the boys at the top, including the scientific folks, are up against something they may not beat before it has a very real chance of destroying at least half of mankind! In fact, the fastest time even guessed at, for some kind of beginning cure for some types of AIDS is at least five years and that's thought to be impossible by many medical people.

The author offers a very plausible scenario for how rapidly AIDS has been distributed. We are not blaming the World Health Organization. In the author's scenario he simply indicates that the WHO was used by others to distribute the epidemic.

Let's face it, we are in very real trouble. There are several types of new AIDS viruses and more to be discovered. Who is to say how the new ones, not yet mutated, will spread a sneeze perhaps? The "leaders" in our government and others around the world are not telling us the truth about the real danger of the situation in order to protect themselves from a worldwide outcry that could lead to their ouster and "they" know it. Many scientists predict we will lose half the world's population (including U.S.) by the year 2000. - Jim Shults.

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