Identified Flying Object: Two Dimension and Multi-Dimensional Worlds

CIA's latest hypersonic spy plane, Aurora, is capable of flying at altitudes of at least 200,000 feet (40 miles) and at speeds of Mach 6 (4000 miles per hour) or greater. While it represents a spectacular leap forward in aircraft technology, it is improbable that it was developed from information obtained from captured alien spacecraft. That it is a remarkable aircraft is beyond dispute, however, it is still an aircraft designed on earth by human beings for operation in Earth's exoatmosphere.

It is unusual in that it can fly faster than any other known aircraft, can fly higher than any other known aircraft, and uses unconventional engines and fuel (liquid methane or liquid hydrogen) for propulsion . Because of the stresses placed upon the aircraft while flying within Earth's dense atmosphere, it is most certainly constructed of rather exotic materials.

It may use one type of engine (turbo-jet) to take off and land and another type (scram-jets or pulse wave detonation engines) while flying at the edge of space. Advanced computer systems and ECM (electronic counter measures) devices are almost certainly aboard the aircraft.

But it is still just an airplane capable of straight and level flight at top speeds and cannot perform any of the maneuvers executed by craft known as Flying Saucers. It operates within a known envelope and within some very limited parameters. It cannot accelerate from a dead stop to hyper speed in the twinkling of an eye nor can it stop suddenly from hypersonic flight.

It cannot jump sideways into another dimension and appear on another planet in a distant galaxy. For all its advanced technology, the Aurora is still a three-dimensional man-made object designed to operate in a three-dimensional world.

"Nuts and Bolts" flying saucers, although capable of extreme maneuvers, appear to also operate within a known envelope and broader but still finite parameters. They are also defined as three-dimensional objects created by beings who, for at least a portion of their lives, function in a three-dimensional universe. UFOs have height, length and breadth. When you touch them you feel solid material.

TLOs, on the other hand, while capable of existing briefly in a three-dimensional world, may be objects, beings or energy from something other than a three dimensionally structured universe.

While it is difficult or even impossible to imagine how a four-dimension creature or object would appear to our senses, we can get an idea of what we may NOT see if we think first of a two-dimensional universe; that is, one having only width and breadth.

If we were to poke a finger into a two-dimensional world, the creatures there would be incapable of assessing what they are seeing since they could not observe or even comprehend the length (or height) of our finger. To them, the object suddenly appearing in their world would look something like a flat straight line.

If we moved our finger around a bit to stir things up, the two-dimensional creatures would believe they are seeing a disc-shaped object moving rapidly and with extreme maneuvers over a broad expanse of their world. Some might report having seen a UFO, an alien craft from another world. In fact, that is exactly what they would have seen, however, their interpretation of the object, as we know, would be completely mistaken. Because we come from a three-dimensional universe, we understand that the two-dimensional creatures missed a very important part of the object; evidence which would have given them a precise identity to their UFO.

If TLOs are four-dimensional objects seen with senses designed to calculate three dimensions, we may be missing the most important part of the object, the knowledge of which would provide us with the same precise identifications.

The universe is infinite, without end forever and forever more. There are more celestial bodies in the heavens than grains of sand on every beach on planet Earth. The number could be written as 10� (One with zeros to the infinite power).

If the universe is infinite, having neither center nor end, it follows that an infinite number of things exist in it. An infinite number of explanations account for an infinite number of phenomena. An infinite number of dimensions overlapping infinitely. An infinite number of creatures having infinitely diverse forms and stages of development.

TLOs appear suddenly as if from another dimension, stay briefly and vanish, returning from whence they came, as if something poked a finger into our universe, stirred things up a bit and withdrew.

TLOs do not always return in the direction from which they come. They do not emerge from a hole in the ground, fly around for awhile and retreat to the same hole. They appear as from nowhere, follow airplanes or simply sail along mountain ridges or across deserts until they are out of sight or vanish into the darkness.

If an object could accelerate from a dead stop to the speed of light, it would appear to vanish instantly. It would not diminish slowly or get smaller; it would pop off, out, without leaving a trace of its having been here.

A four dimensional object traversing the sky of our world would also vanish instantly if withdrawn by the creature to whom it belonged.

TLOs have been seen for centuries. No one has been able to identify them or explain what they are, where they come from or where they go when they vanish.

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