Lightships, Black Holes, Anti-Mass Fields

Plenty of Speculation

According to a 1987 Gallup poll, almost 50 percent of Americans believe Flying Saucers are real. 30 percent or more believe they have seen odd phenomena that may be UFOs.

Although many sightings have subsequently been shown to be misidentified common aircraft or explainable atmospheric phenomena, a quite respectable number of sightings and encounters defy explanation and are classified as "Unknown."

Despite the government's attempts to debunk UFO sightings and encounters as waking dreams and hoaxes perpetrated by people who have lost a few marbles, there are no satisfactory explanations for the behavior of aerial craft and TLOs (Transient Luminous Objects) that apparently can venture through space or the earth's atmosphere with equal ease, stop suddenly from hypersonic flight, or execute right angle turns, climbs and dives.

Nor has anyone explained how or why TLOs appear suddenly, hover or sail silently for long minutes and just as suddenly vanish.

If the military found UFOs that have reportedly crashed on this planet and have systematically unwound the secrets of their construction and propulsion, why, after nearly 50 years, have they not been able to duplicate the engines that drive them? Why have scientists and engineers been unable to duplicate in military aircraft the maneuvers UFOs appear to perform?

In the 1950s, the A.V. Roe Company developed and built the Avrocar in Canada. It was supposed to be capable of speeds of 600 miles per hour. After a number of years, the Canadian government lost interest and the U.S. Air Force began funding the program.

Except that it ultimately provided important research data for hovercraft, the Avrocar was a dismal failure. It could barely lift its own weight a few inches off the ground and, even then, was almost dangerously unstable.

But engineers learned that there were major difficulties understanding how the ovate ellipsoid moved within our atmosphere. Flying Saucers, if they exist, certainly do not use the same propulsion or lifting technology as either our jet aircraft or rockets. Additionally, there are also physiological problems for any human passengers in a craft that can execute the amazing maneuvers displayed by UFOs. The known laws of physics suggests that humans could not survive such maneuvers.

If Flying Saucers are alien spacecraft, if they really exist, they are obviously powered by some force our scientists do not, as yet, understand (or, at least, will not reveal). We have some clues about these unusual power sources. Many reports tell of automobile engines stopping or stalling when in close proximity to UFOs. Lights are often dimmed and instruments often stop functioning, suggesting a force field that impedes the ionic flow within electrical circuits.

The erratic flight of UFOs during "Falling Leaf" descents is another clue. A study of the physics of such movement suggests that, like a platter falling in water, the UFO becomes virtually massless during decent. If the problem of mass can be overcome, the problem of destructive inertial effects of instant maneuvers is solved as well.

Several credible engineers have used this information to design a workable UFO on paper. American chemist and engineer consultant, Kenneth Behrendt, has devised the AMF (anti-mass field) theory to construct a complex mathematical blueprint of a circular aircraft that would prevent mass field radiation. This would render the craft essentially gravity-free.

One of the most interesting points of Behrendt's theory is that such a craft would ionize the surrounding atmosphere, provoking effects that are identical to those reported by UFO witnesses.

At the present time our scientists are stymied by the constraints of aerodynamic shape, lack of exotic construction materials and a suitable propulsion system.

Additionally, while a number of ideas have been suggested to explain how UFOs and TLOs arrive from some apparently distant worlds, no truly cogent theory has been presented or endorsed by credible scientists.

One suggestion is that UFOs travel through "Stargates" from parallel universes, from inside the earth itself or from distant galaxies. One such stargate could be the collapsed stars that are so dense not even light can escape their gravitational pull. Because they emit no light, they are called "Black Holes."

Some astronomers speculate that black holes could be shortcuts through time and space. Since it is known that matter can pass through these holes out of our space-time continuum, some UFOlogist theorize spacecraft can also pass through the Stargates and travel great distances from one galaxy to another.

Other people speculate that universes might exist side by side, actually overlapping but vibrating with different frequencies so that they are not normally visible or interactive with one another. Occasionally, the theory states, windows open in one or more of these universes allowing beings and machines to pass from one to another.

The Bermuda Triangle might be classified as such a window to another universe. If so, alien spacecraft may not always be here by choice. They might enter these windows and stargates unwittingly or accidentally only to find themselves in very strange lands indeed!

But once they (or we) learn the secrets of the stargates, it is possible they may be manipulated at will to allow instant travel over cosmic distances to any part of the universe. It would be rather like stepping into a telephone booth, dialing a number and, instead of reaching a party by voice, one would be instantly transmitted to that person's home!

There is some evidence that the military might have conducted some experiments in transportation of humans and machines after the Second War during the Philadelphia Experiment. Sparse reports indicate the experiments were fatally disastrous. Navy personnel died or went insane. Some were seen to burst into flames. Others were seen to walk through walls and not appear on the other side, as reported in a Norfolk, Virginia newspaper.

Did they step into one of the windows and vanish, only to find themselves on a distant planet in another galaxy? If so, where are they and why can't they return?

Or is it possible they can and do return, but in a form not recognizable by human senses? Could the accidental time-space travellers be returning periodically as TLOs? TLOs have been known to execute apparently intelligent maneuvers, respond to lights and radio signals, and even to telepathic commands! This suggests some sort of sentient energy, the nature of which we do not yet understand.

Another theory, largely unaccepted, is that UFOs are alien spacecraft that travel by sheer brute force from one system to another, much as would our own spaceships during a journey from the Earth to the moon, or from the Earth to Mars.

Such great distances separate the planets and solar systems, that the time involved to travel from one to another would be so vast that the original inhabitants of a spaceship would have died centuries before the craft could arrive at its target destination.

The nearest stellar constellation, Alpha Centauri, is over four light-years away. Using the fastest spacecraft yet constructed, it would take earthlings 80,000 years to reach it. After so long a time, the original purpose of the journey would have been completely forgotten.

Even if a spaceship could attain the speed of light, it would take six years to reach Alpha Centauri since nearly two years would be required to accelerate to and decelerate from the speed of light.

Clearly, this is not the way to travel from one star system to another for not only would the passengers aboard the starship not know why they were travelling through space, the spacecraft itself would be little more than a derelict after such a long period of time.

It would be impossible to get a spare part for the toilet, for instance, when the spaceship was several billion miles from home base. Messages, which would be transmitted at the speed of light, would require three or four years to reach the spacecraft or Earth and who could correlate the answer with the question after all that time?

Indeed, if the spaceship was travelling at exactly the speed of light, radio messages would never reach it, since it would always be outrunning the signal.

We now believe that spacecraft have not travelled to Earth from any planet in our own solar system. Data from Voyager's journey to the outer planets has revealed that life as we know it cannot and does not exist on any other planet in this system.

Although "Nuts and Bolts" UFOs have been shown for the most part to be secret military aircraft or other test vehicles, a small number of unidentified UFOs remain on the lists. They merit serious investigation if they are what many people believe them to be. We need to understand how they operate and how they travel from one star system to another with ease.

Additionally, we need to solve the mystery of TLOs. If they are naturally occurring atmospheric phenomena, then we need to find explanations for them once and for all. If they are visitors from other times or dimensions, then we need to discover how they get here and why they find our planet and its inhabitants so interesting.

Travelling at the speed of light or faster probably only works in the movies.

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