Hollywood Propaganda and Other Nonsense

A number of people contend that secret societies have financed Science Fiction and Science Fantasy films to prepare us for the day when we are overwhelmed by off world beings who are coming to harvest us as food.

My response to this suggestion is: BALONEY! If a secret agency or secret society is financing films like Close Encounters, ET, Mac and Me, and other films considered "pro-alien," who is financing the anti-alien films such as Predator I and II, Alien I, II, and III, Terminator, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Body Snatchers, The Thing and others?

How can some UFOlogists claim pro-alien films are financed secretly to persuade us to love the aliens who will ultimately eat us for dinner, then dismiss anti-alien films as just accidents or of no consequence? Why not face the truth of the matter and admit that some filmmakers are entranced by the idea that aliens might be cute innocent little baby-like creatures who mean us no harm, while others see aliens as mean, ugly beasts who want to destroy Earth and all who dwell here?

Science Fiction and Science Fantasy films, unlike war propaganda films which are often financed by the government, are clearly the creative choices of the filmmakers, not the dictates of intelligence agencies or secret societies or body-snatching aliens! It is just this kind of nonsense that distracts us from serious research and investigation of the UFO phenomena. The sooner we drop it, the sooner we can uncover the real meaning behind the sightings, contacts and abductions!

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