Marketing and Advertising

100 Words that Have Sales Appeal

Add sale punch to describe your merchandise or sales offer - use one of the following words. It may be helpful, used alone, or with other words. They have been selected from successful ads for your convenience in preparing copy.

101 Ways to Increase Mail Order Profits

101 Ways to Increase Mail Order Profits

108 Ways to Improve Your Direct Mail Response

108 Ways to Improve Your Direct Mail Response

16 Ideas for Low-Cost Promotion

Promotion and advertising can be a heavy expense, especially for a new business that wants to make itself known in a community. A home-based business, however, more often than not, has a very limited budget when it comes to advertising.

17 Methods for Getting Free Advertising

17 Methods for Getting Free Advertising

18 Methods for Obtaining Free Advertising

Free advertising is any message that goes out to prospective buyers without cost to you! There are lots of ways to get others to spread the word about what you offer!

18 Ways to Use the Word "Free" in Your Ads

18 Ways to Use the Word "Free" in Your Ads

23 Principles of Direct Marketing

23 Principles of Direct Marketing

A Dozen and One Ways to Reduce Postage

Note: It is false economy to not send a SASE when making inquiries of other dealers. You are more likely to receive an answer much more quickly and it improves business relations.

A Marketing Angle I Use to Sell My Own Products

Businesses to make money with fall under one of these two categories: (1) Service, or (2) Product.

ABCs of How to Compile, Maintain & Sell "Red Hot" Name Lists

Virtually every inquiry or buyer's name ultimately ends up on a mailing list. Some are small lists, while others contain millions of names. Some are meticulously maintained, while others are carelessly handled.

Ad Sheet & Printer Ripoff Report

If you've been in mail order for more than a month...chances are you've been ripped off by one or more ad sheet printers. This report won't make you a mail-order genius but might keep you from loosing your shirt prematurely.

Advertising Magic

The purpose of Advertising Magic is to show you advertising methods which have already been proven effective... techniques that not only produce prospects, but qualified prospects...

Advertising Mistakes: How to Avoid Them

Advertising isn't hard to do. You prepare an advertisement or write a classified ad to sell your product or generate interest to send people more information.

Advertising Styles

By using these styles as your framework, you can start writing a draft built around your thoughts and sales ideas, in a more coherent fashion.

Basics of Promotion Advertising

Promotion advertising differs significantly from consumer franchise-building advertising. The latter is long-term in nature and aimed at giving customers reasons to buy. Promotion advertising is short-term.

Co-Op Printing, Is It Worth It?

CO-OP printing, at first, seems to be a worthwhile plan. Just imagine, get your printing for prices ranging from ZERO to maybe $16.00 per thousand 8 1/2 x 11s. Your ads on one side... someone else's on the other side.

Coop Sweepstakes: the Prize is Always Right

Giving away a prize as an incentive to sell a product or solicit a donation is a time-tested marketing ploy that never fails. The only problem is that the market has become oblivious to sweepstakes.

Discount Cards

The objective of this report is to show you how to produce a simple discount card for merchants and consumers in your community.

Dos and Don'ts When Writing Classified Ads

DO WRITE OUT ALL DETAILS in your ad offer. Read it, edit it, and re-write it for a shorter, money saving effective ad. "Think small".

E-Mail, Autoresponders, Information-on-Demand

Anyone who's used a fax-on-demand system knows how wonderful they are for both the customer and the business. If you need information, you can get it 24 hours a day with one phone call.

Examples of Excellent Marketing

I'm sure you have watched those infomercials that take over our television set every night after midnight. They haunt the late-night viewer until 6:00 or 7:00 AM.

Facts & Figures About Magazine Ad Readership

Here are some interesting results of a study conducted on readerships of magazine ads. Most of the stats are from Starch INRA Hopper, Inc and other studies.

Free Advertising for Your Business

There are many legitimate ways to get discount advertising, and many ways to get so-called "free" advertising.

Get Free Mailing Lists from Federal and State Governments

If you want to make money in the mailing list business, you should contact the state and federal government for sources of lists. What's available? You wouldn't believe it!