Money Making Ideas

How to Make Money Producing Special Event Videos

Special event videos are much simpler and a lot less worry than videotaping a wedding ceremony. In many cases, you'll only need one camera, one microphone, and little or no editing.

How to Make Money Providing "Inventory Video Taping" Service

This is, in my opinion, THE business to get into with your video camera. You only need one camera, decent video skills, little expenses and supplies, and, if done right, very low marketing expenses.

How to Make Money Selling Recipes

Practically everybody's got hundreds of recipes stashed away somewhere. Why not sell them? So why don't you? The right way is to run a small classified ad in any of the tabloid newspapers.

How to Make Money Selling Scrap

You too can break into the crap metal business on a shoestring and turn someone else's junk into gold.

How to Make Money Videotaping Weddings

There is a huge potential market for wedding videos. Just look in your local paper any summer week and see how many weddings there were. Since almost every household in the country has a VCR, you can bet that almost every wedding has a video.

How to Make Money with a Sewing Machine

As more and more women are relieved from time consuming housekeeping chores, thanks to the modern equipment and appliances that we have, they are finding time to cultivate other activities.

How to Make Money with Gourmet Gift Baskets

Here's a pleasant home-based business that will challenge your creative as well as your managerial skills. It's a fun business for those who have the flare for creating appetizing gift packages.

How to Make Money with Your Hobby

Millions of people all over the world collect stamps as a hobby, and the number is growing every day.

How to Make Money With Your Junk Mail

The term "junk mail" is a well-known term. To the common guy or gal on the street, "junk mail" to them is advertising flyers from the local grocery store and pizza shop that arrive in their mail every day.

How to Make Money with Your Own Errand Service Business

People are busier than ever and the world around them hasn't changed. Groceries still need to be bought, deliveries still need to be made, gifts still need to be bought, etc.

How to Make Money with Your Own Referral Service Business

There are many different referral services you can run, either as a stand-alone service or together with other types.

How to Make Money Without Leaving Your House

When Ronald Reagan took the oath of office for the Presidency in January of 1981, one of his earliest pledges was to make life a little easier for the small business person.

How to Make Really Big Profits

Due to the increasing number of divorces in this country, and apparently because of the hectic pace we lead our lives, Correspondence Clubs are becoming ever more popular.

How to Make Thousands of Dollars Winning Contests

Everyone wants to "get rich quick", but here is the sure-fire way to do it!

How to Make Up to $1,000 Every Week with Your Camera

As millions of Americans look for greater control over their financial destiny, the dream of self-employment has become more compelling than ever.

How to Make Up to $5,000 a Week Just Talking to People

Seminars and workshops are today's main mode of learning for adults who are beyond the formal educational system. These short-term formats serve information quickly and efficiently. You can run seminars on any subject you care to.

How to Make Up to $750 in Your Spare Time or Weekends

Do you have a garage filled with unused furniture, household goods, broken appliances or outgrown toys and clothes? Maybe your neighbor does, or your relatives do.

How to Make Your Business Survive in the 90's Market

You may be in Mail Order, Direct Mail, or you may be a local merchant with 150 employees or more; whichever, however or whatever, you've got to know how to keep your business alive during economic recessions.

How to Make Your Fortune with Self-Improvement Seminars

Ever since the beginning of time, ambitious people of the world have attributed some "indescribable" secret to the success of those people with wealth.

How to Manufacture and Sell Embossing Kits

An embossing kit is a novelty item used to emboss names in raised gold or silver lettering on books, cards, stationery, etc., with a beautiful effect. Looks expensive. Very simple to use, and it can be manufactured very simply and cheaply.

How to Never be Without a Job

I made this discovery in California, but the situation is probably true in all areas of the us. After working for several years in a dead-end job, I quit, and found myself without a job and no idea as to what I wanted to do. I scanned the ads.

How to Operate a Successful Garage Sale

First, set a date and time when you can devote your full time to this sale, for gathering up various articles as well as being able to attend the sale full time.

How to Operate a Successful Home-Based Typing Service

Every day , in every part of the country, there are stories about how both men and women are successfully marketing a typing service.

How to Produce and Sell Clip Art Collections

Have you ever seen an ad in a publication that was just text? Just a big block of words. I'm sure you have, and wasn't it boring? If you're scanning quickly through ad sheets, your eye won't stop at a block of grey text. It'll skip right over.

How to Profit In Flea Marketing

On the outskirts of nearly every town across the U.S., especially in The spring, summer and fall, you will see a Flea Market set-up. Often there will be hundreds of trailers, booths and tables in a large field just off a major thoroughfare.