How to Make Money with Gourmet Gift Baskets

Here's a pleasant home-based business that will challenge your creative as well as your managerial skills. It's a fun business for those who have the flare for creating appetizing gift packages.

A Fun Product

Gourmet gift baskets have become popular in recent years. They are a collection of desirable items, and in such a variety that they appeal to all. By determining the markets you want to target and the type of baskets you want to produce, you can set your income goals for as little or as much as you like.

Corporate Accounts

From the very large and the very small, businesses have needs for gift giving on a pretty constant basis.

By targeting corporate accounts, you protect yourself from potential sales fluctuations common to what are generally considered seasonal items. Businesses love gift baskets because they are "safe" compared to other gifts like chocolate (many people now carefully watch their fat intake) or wine & spirits (many people don't drink). Of course, other possible clients for your gift baskets include associations, retail outlets, fund raisers, and individual customers who purchase for themselves or as a gift.

Creative Designs

Gourmet gift baskets are fundamentally a few nice items placed in a unique arrangement and presented to look extravagant. Use your imagination and keep an eye for unusual and appealing products. To keep unit price low, inventory most commonly used items by purchasing direct from the manufacturer or main distributor. Look for large pretty items; they will give your product "size".

Theme Marketing

Focus on a theme and build around it. From a corporate perspective, create presentations that communicate the corporate logo or marketing slogan.

Do not limit yourself by just using baskets as your main vehicle. For example, a basket with an Italian theme can use (as its basket) a large pasta bowl to hold a small vinegar, olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes and kitchen utensils.

Raffia or "grass" can be used to cushion the items, sealed together with shrink wrap. Finish your basket with a bow or creative ribbon, and you've got a product that can be retailed for around $39. Your cost: as low as $12.

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