Money Making Ideas

Earn Money with Your Telephone

Look in your Sunday newspapers for advertisements of stores that are closed on Sundays. Notify them that you would be happy to handle phone orders for them on Sunday, on the items advertised.

Easy Work for Auto Buffs

If you're a tinkerer with a yen for fixing cars, you can easily turn your love of tinkering into a profitable sideline by offering your talents to less knowledgeable car owners. You can do this in one of several ways.

Funny Lines for Cash

You can sell your good jokes to all kinds of comedian and cartoonists if you follow simple procedures when submitting.

Garage Sale Promoting: For Quick, Easy Money

Pick almost any city or town in the country, drive through any middle class neighborhood or residential area on the weekend, and you're sure to spot at least a half dozen garage sales.

Garage Sale: How You Can Make It a Success

Like to exchange that gold mine of junk in your basement for a fistful of dollars? You can, by holding a garage sale.

Get $10,736 for Something Collecting Dust in Your Home that You Probably Don't Remember You Even Have

If you're like most of us, you've got a loose collection of stray papers gathering dust in your closet or attic, and on those pages are recipes by the score, gathered from your mother, your grandmother, or your elderly aunts.

Getting in on the Lucrative Coupon Business

Here is a business with true unlimited opportunity. "Everyone and their brother" uses coupons -- they are well known and well ingrained element of the American Way!

Getting into the Hauling Business - Fast!

Because few home owners or tenants have the time, means or energy to do it themselves, there is always a need for someone with a pickup truck to transport things found or accumulated around the house and yard.

Hot Profits from Your Own Hot Stamping Business

Custom imprint (hot stamp) match covers, business cards, napkins, pens, key chains, wedding announcements or a thousand other things in your garage print shop. Print virtually any color or design up to about 3" by 5" in size.

House Numbers - The "Instant Profits" Business

Anyone who lives in a city has ready access to an old standby that's always good for a daily income.

How Absolutely Anyone Can Start a Business Right This Second

The other day I was driving down a street in a commercial district and noticed a moving van. Two "blue collar workers" were busy loading office furniture in a company-owned vehicle.

How to Become a Millionaire with Your Own Home-Based Import/Export Service

A small import/export business can easily be started from a home-based office. Beginning slowly at home will help you to keep the start-up costs relatively low. And you won't need formal education.

How to Become a Successful Advertising Broker

Many people are enticed to become part of the publishing industry because the idea of running ads, receiving orders, taking out 50% as their commission and not doing any actual publishing is simple, easy and sounds like fun.

How to Create and Market Your Own Special-Interest Video Productions

The trouble with publishing a book, from a first-time writer's point of view, lies with the slowness of the publishing industry.

How to Develop Money Making Ideas

It isn't the billions of ideas, that pop up in the minds of humans around the globe that make money. Very few ideas are worth the time it took for the thought. Most ideas are fleeting "sparks" that go no place and are forgotten before the next day.

How to Earn $1,000 to $100,000 Reading Newspapers

Act as a "Finder" - a person who gets a cash fee from the seller and buyer.

How to Fill Your Home with Free Books, Magazines, Computer Software

There are plenty of freebies out there, if you like magazines, computers and books. These opportunities exist in their own little worlds, and while they often seem invisible to the average person, there is an active industry in all three areas.

How to Find a Unique Product or Service That Will Make You Money

I would say the most frequently asked question from beginners about opening their own business is "What should I sell?" I then proceed to ask them, "What interests and hobbies do you have?" Most don't know how to answer that question because they ...

How to Get a High-Paying Job with the Government

So, where do you go to find a government job? And if they are so hard to locate, how do you find out about them? Once you find out a job you are interested in, how do you go about applying for it? The answers are so simple that they may surprise you.

How to Get Paid for Watching TV

Earning money while viewing your favorite shows!

How to Get Paid Writing Simple Greeting Cards

Most of us enjoy getting greeting cards from time to time. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, the birth of a baby, and other occasions mean even more to us when we are remembered by friends, relatives and colleagues.

How to Get Rich Giving Away Something Free

The best of all worlds is to have a product you can give away free and still make money. That world exists. The product need not be expensive or elaborate.

How to Get Rich Without Working

Working is described as the obligation to regularly attend and perform a designated task. An obligation that usually consumes 8 or 9 hours of one s daily life. The Rat Race , it is humorously called.

How to Give Away Cards and Make Easy Money

There is a big money business that can be started for next to nothing, with low risk, that involves giving away special cards.

How to Give Away Magazines and Make Great Profits

People are always interested in saving money. If you can develop a product or service that will help them save, you are almost guaranteed success.