How to Never be Without a Job

I made this discovery in California, but the situation is probably true in all areas of the us. After working for several years in a dead-end job, I quit, and found myself without a job and no idea as to what I wanted to do. I scanned the ads. One read "Fry Cook Wanted." I once owned a 4 x 4 hamburger joint, so I thought "Maybe I'll try it. I might have enough experience." I phoned the firm. The owner did everything but beg me to take the job. Not once did he ask me about by experience. The pay was small but I enjoyed the work.

I saw another ad, same story, but more pay - full fledged cook. In about one month, another ad offered $4 per hour (that was in 1970), same story - word of mouth opportunity - head cook, $700 per month salary. Another - manager transferred, job open, $1200 per month. All this happened to me within one year - and I started with the ability to fry hamburgers and nothing else. Shortage of cooks? I don't know. All I know is that it's practically impossible for a restaurant to find or keep a cook. I have seen high school boys hired in as dishwashers and two weeks later start cooking.

How can one learn to cook? Make no mistake about it you don't need to know HOW to cook. Buy an egg pan and learn to flip eggs. This ability alone will get you a job. You don't have to be a cook, just say you are and you'll never be without a job.

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