How to Make Really Big Profits

Due to the increasing number of divorces in this country, and apparently because of the hectic pace we lead our lives, Correspondence Clubs are becoming ever more popular. Organizing, promoting and operating a Correspondence Club is very definitely one of the most lucrative services available to mail order entrepreneurs.

The thing is, not too many mail order operators really know how to position themselves and follow-up to attain the full potential of a Correspondence Club. And that's what this report is all about - some suggestions and ideas on how you can operate a correspondence club and realize those really big profits.

First of all, of course, you have to set up such a club, promote it, recruit members and make everybody happy. For details on just how to do this, send for a copy of our manual: START & SUCCESSFULLY RUN A CORRESPONDENCE CLUB - Only $10.00 postpaid, complete satisfaction guaranteed. Order from: "The Distributor Who Sent You This Report".

Once you've got your club organized - you know what you're going to do/offer, and how you're going to run it, you need to start putting together products and/or services your members would most likely be interested in buying through your club.

As in most aspects of mail order, the really big profits come from your customer list. With a correspondence club, you establish a customer list through the names and addresses of your club members.

Most correspondence clubs offer or send out monthly or quarterly newsletter. Check the advertisements in all the mail order publications you can find, and send off for sample copies of some of these correspondence club newsletters or newspapers. The point is to see and learn how other people are putting their publications together.

So you've got a correspondence club organized and operating you're putting out a monthly newsletter listing the names, addresses and descriptions of your members interested in meeting new people via correspondence - you've actually got a fantastic advertising vehicle to a captive audience - so as a first move, why not include a notice that you'll take in advertising from your members who have a product or service to sell. With a beginning newsletter of just a single 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper printed on both sides, and an advertising rate of $3 for 25 word classified ads or $5 for 1-inch display ads, you could easily pull in an extra $200 every time you published your newsletter. And then as the demand for advertising space grows, you simply increase the number of pages of your newsletter and about every six months or so, the prices you charge to include advertising.

When you lay out your advertising space, and start running ads for your members, you definitely should run a few ads of your own selling the extra or back-ender products and/or services you have available. And here is where you'll start to make the really big money!

In addition to offering advertising space, and self-improvement reports to your membership, you should offer exotic an/or sensual clothing - everything from stylish blouses and shirts or slacks, to swimsuits and sleepwear. The success you'll attain in offering these things is almost guaranteed because all of the people reading or receiving your correspondence club publication will definitely be interested in feeling good, looking good, and buying the products you offer, in order to gain that satisfaction. To contact the various manufacturers or distributors of the kind of merchandise we're suggesting you offer your members, simply check the advertisements in the mail order publications.

Many correspondence clubs also offer subscriptions to special interest magazines. The thing to do is to understand the wants of your members, and offer them the "extras" that they want to buy. Again, you should look through all the available publications that cater to lonely and frustrated people of this world - see for yourself what is being offered - and then sell these same kinds of thing through your correspondence club publication/membership list, for your own profit. That's where the really big money is!

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