Unidentified Flying Objects: FBI Report

Unidentified Flying Objects: FBI Report
United States Department Of Justice
Federal Bureau Of Investigations
Detroit, Michigan
November 7, 1957

In response to a letter directed by him to Dr. Robert Cutler,
Special Assistant to President Dwight D. Eisenhower,
reflecting that he "might have some information about the
rocket in Texas," ____________, Detroit, was interviewed
November 7, 1957 and furnished the following information:

Born February 19, 1926 in the State of Warsaw, Poland,
_________ was brought from Poland as a prisoner of war to Gut
Alt Golssen, approximately 30 miles east of Berlin, Germany,
in May 1942, where he remained until a few weeks after the end
of World War II. He spent the following years at Displaced
Persons Camps at Kork, Strasburg, Offenburg, Milheim and
Freiburg, Germany. He attended a radio technician school at
Freiburg and for about one year was employed in a textile mill
at Laurachbaden, Germany. He arrived in the United States at
New York, May 2, 1951, via the S.S. General Stewart as a
Displaced Person, (sponsored by) Reverend ___________,
Hamtramck, Michigan; his alien registration number ________.

Since May 1951 he has been employed at the Gobel Brewery,
Detroit. News reports of (a) mysterious vehicle in Texas
causing engines to stall prompted him to communicate with the
United States Government concerning a similar phenomenon
observed by him in 1944 in the area of Gut Alt Golssen.

According to (him), during 1944, month not recalled, while
enroute to work in a field a short distance north of Gut Alt
Golssen, their tractor engine stalled on a road through a
swamp area. No machinery or other vehicle was then visible
although a noise was heard described as a high-pitched whine
similar to that produced by a large electric generator.

An SS guard appeared and talked briefly with the German driver
of the tractor, who waited five to ten minutes, after which
the noise stopped and the tractor engine was started normally.
Approximately 3 hours later in the same swamp area, but away
from the road where the work crew was cutting "hay," he
surreptitiously, because of the German in charge of the crew
and SS guards in the otherwise deserted area, observed a
circular enclosure approximately 100 to 150 yards in diameter
protected from viewers by a tarpaulin-type wall approximately
50 feet high, from which a vehicle was observed to slowly rise
vertically to a height sufficient to clear the wall and then
move slowly horizontally a short distance out of his view,
which was obstructed by nearby trees.

This vehicle, observed from approximately 500 feet, was
described as circular in shape, 75 to 100 yards (200 to 300
feet) in diameter, and about 14 feet high, consisting of dark
gray stationary top and bottom sections, each five to six feet
high. The approximate three foot middle section appeared to be
a rapidly moving component producing a continuous blur similar
to an aeroplane propeller, but extending the circumference of
the vehicle so far as could be observed. The noise emanating
from the vehicle was similar to but of somewhat lower pitch
than the noise previously heard. The engine of the tractor
again stalled on this occasion and no effort was made by the
German driver to start the engine until the noise stopped,
after which the engine started normally.

Uninsulated metal, possibly copper, cables one and one-half
inch to two inches in diameter, on and under the surface of
the ground, in some places covered by water, were observed on
this and previous occasions, apparently running between the
enclosure and a small concrete column-like structure between
the road and the enclosure.

This area was not visited by (him) again until shortly after
the end of World War II, when it was observed the cables had
been removed and the previous locations of the concrete
structure and the enclosure were covered by water. (He) stated
he has not been in communication since 1945 with any of the
work crew of 16 or 18 men, consisting of Russian, French and
Polish POWs, who had discussed this incident among themselves
many times. Of these, however, (he) was able to recall by name
    only __________, no address known, described as then about 50
years of age and presumed by _______ to have returned to
Poland after 1945.

62-83594-384. This report is loaned to you by the FBI, and
neither it nor its contents are to be distributed outside your

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