TLO Over San Diego, California

At about 3:15 am Sunday morning, the 6th of December, 1992, residents of Bay Park and Pacific Beach, areas of San Diego, California, were awakened by the lights in their homes flashing on and off and appliances, radios and television sets turning themselves on and off, although the wall and unit switches were turned off!

Residents reported a bright, glowing light in the sky behind the low clouds, pulsating in perfect sync to the flashing of the lights in the community.

One resident said she could not see a shape to the light; she only saw a bright pulsating glow in the clouds.

Nearby, a power pole began to arc, burning the pole and 265 feet of underground cable, turning the surrounding sand and soil to glass.

San Diego Gas and Electric engineers were unable to explain how or why lights and appliances could turn on when the wall switches were turned off and the circuits not completed. They suggested the residents might have been mistaken. Asked again, the residents all insisted the wall switches were turned off! Engineer Ed Hedricks said such a phenomena might occur under some remarkable conditions but not with SDG&E's system.

December 6th, 7th and 8th was a period of intense military activity at San Diego and nearby Camp Pendleton as Navy and Marine units geared up to deploy to Somalia.

It had been raining for two days, with thunder and lightning, and some flooding in low areas. No one offered a suggestion that the storm caused any of the observed phenomena.

An asteroid passed within 2 million miles of Earth during the same general period, hardly a near miss that would cause the observed electrical phenomena. (The same asteroid passes Earth every four years).

On Tuesday, December 8, 1992, two sharp sonic booms were heard and felt in San Diego. San Diego is approximately 300 miles southwest of Groom Lake, Nevada where CIA's super secret spy plane, Aurora, is based, certainly well within the sonic wave area of a plane decelerating to subsonic flight from the Pacific Ocean side of California or from Mexico and South America. San Diego is also about 50 statute miles west southwest of Anza/Borrego, an area of intense UFO and TLO activity.

I fly near and over that area on occasion. It is remote, hostile and, in many places, inaccessible. It is called the "Borrego Badlands" for good reason. It would be a perfect place to hide a UFO.

As of this writing, I am trying to determine if the San Diego UFO/TLO was recorded on radar. Although both San Diego and Los Angles radar operators could have seen it, and tower personnel at NAS North Island should have seen it, it is possible that it may not have been recorded for one reason or another. If the UFO was employing masking devices (ECM), it would not be visible to radar.

On the other hand, it might not be visible even if not employing masking devices. During a recent flight to the Chino, California Planes Of Fame Museum, we heard a helicopter pilot on our frequency being denied transition of the Los Angeles TCA because the radar operator could not get a signature on his aircraft! Whether because of its size, heading or altitude, the helicopter was invisible to LA's radar! They routed him around the area and he wasn't real happy about it.

If an aircraft that is trying to be seen can't be seen on the most sophisticated commercial radar on the west coast, an aircraft that doesn't want to be seen will never be seen!

It is interesting to note that a lot of military activity was occurring over the weekend and into Monday and Tuesday. UFO sightings and activity increase during such periods, leading one to suspect that UFOs and TLOs might be part of the military maneuvers.

But exactly what part, no one is telling. And if a military weapon is capable of causing that much damage accidentally, think how much it might cause on purpose! The electrical phenomena caused by this UFO is precisely that of a craft surrounded by an anti-mass field. Does the military or one of the intelligence agencies, or both, have working "Flying Saucers" using this technology? Recent video tapes of a new aircraft based at Groom Dry Lake, Nevada suggests a development that can rise vertically, hover and fly silently with remarkable control, particularly at low altitudes.

It has been called the "BOOMERANG" and will be the subject of a future report. (Tactical High Altitude Penetrator THAP).

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