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Genetic engineering for 10,000 years? Some say YES!

About 30,000 to 10,000 years ago, something odd occurred in the evolution of homo sapiens: a new and different kind of modern human appeared almost magically and began evolving beside Neanderthal man in Europe and the Middle East.

The Saldanha Man of South Africa, the Montmaurin Man of France, the Rhodesian Man of Africa, and Neanderthal Man of Europe and the Middle East all existed generally during the early part of the upper Pleistocene era with the Neanderthal Man actually overlapping the appearance of Cro-Magnon Man of Europe after about 30,000 years ago.

There is ample evidence to suggest that Neanderthal Man and Modern Man lived side by side even up to historic times in Europe, the Neanderthals having been interbred with Modern Man to the point that they are no longer recognizable as Neanderthals in much the same way that the Ainu have merged into the mainstream of modern Japanese stock.

Cro-Magnon Man seems to have emerged as a separate species of homo sapiens and related sciences agree that in Earth's recent history, Cro-Magnon underwent a change that is difficult to explain: He lost most of his body hair and he began walking completely upright. He developed layers of fat to help keep him warm and sweat glands to keep him cool.

While scientists agree something happened to dramatically alter the human creature 30,000 to 10,000 years ago, leading him quite suddenly from a stone tool hunter--gatherer- wandering furry semi-primate tree and cliff dwelling society towards a monogamous-pair bonded-law-making-technologically oriented spaceward-looking society, they cannot, of course, agree on what the event was.

The skeletal remains of a tiny hominid (humanlike anthropoid) were discovered on the coast of Africa and are believed to date from about the same period (10,000 - 30,000 years ago).

The hominid was about three feet tall, had an enlarged head, and was very frail and slender when living. The jaw was so weak that it could not have been a predator; it could not have chewed raw meat or cracked bones. It would have been no stronger than a two-year old child.

But this tiny creature was discovered in layers of silt that were deposited upon the Earth during the Upper Pleistocene Period before Neanderthal Man faded into evolutionary history and during a period when Cro-Magnon Man underwent an unexplained change. Did a Zetan get left behind? Was he bopped on the noggin by a right brain motivated Neanderthal who was immune to telepathic suggestion?

Theories abound in UFO mythology that claim humankind has been tampered with by aliens from Zeta Reticuli for about 10,000 years! According to some, humans have been genetically altered 65 times during that period. At least one person has come forward to state publicly that the government has a repository of information showing that the Zetans have "photographic" proof they have visited Earth since about 8000 B.C.

Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion so here is mine: I suspect the people who conjured up this theory knew that humans underwent an evolutionary change about 10,000 years ago and are using this (as yet) unexplained event to form the basis of their claim.

Anyone with the gumption to do so, may read of these unresolved evolutionary mysteries in a number of books on anthropology, particularly those dealing with the subject of The Aquatic Ape or The Naked Ape.

But, just to provide fodder for the religious zealots, let us agree that the tampering claim is true as presented and that all proof to substantiate the claim has been accepted by all without further argument.

What we are left with, if we accept the claim, is a past without reason and a future without hope. If we have mistaken Zetans for God all these centuries; if we have mistakenly ascribed to the prophets (Buddha, Brahma, Mohammed, Isaiah, Yeshwa) mystical powers that rightfully belong to little grey aliens; if we really began life in a test-tube on Zeta Reticuli Four and Earth is simply a garden for growing their culture smears; if we are living only to satisfy the egomaniacal theories of Zetan scientists, and if, when we die, we go, not to Paradise or Valhalla, but to a trash bin in someone's laboratory on ZR4, then:

The Magna Carta meant nothing. Arthurian codes of conduct meant nothing. The French revolution meant nothing. The second world war meant nothing. Poetry means nothing. Music means nothing. Great literature means nothing. Truth means nothing. Purity means nothing. Religion means nothing. Family means nothing and decendancy is all an illusion.

Government means nothing (well, we knew that). Laws and lawyers mean nothing. Goodness, kindness, honesty and generosity mean nothing. Military powers have none, never did and never will.

What we thought of as real and right does not now and never did exist, and never will. The hours of the day and days of the week, the seasons and turning of the cosmos is a dream in the mind of little grey hominine anthropoids who implanted the idea into our collective consciousness about 10,000 years ago when they created Cro-Magnon Man, the first real, upright-walking hairless ape that was to become 20th Century humankind.

If all this is true, you can easily see why people in positions of power would not want you to know and understand it. Number one, they would no longer have any power over you (not that they really ever did unless you said it was okay). The military would be only a bunch of well-armed hairless apes who nonetheless still belonged one and all, from the lowest E-1 to the highest zero, to the same funny looking little Zetans.

To the Zetans, everyone bears the same rank: Nothing. Zip. Nada.

And if all this is true, then the Uniform Code of Military Justice isn't worth the paper it's written on, just as the Constitution and Declaration of Independence weren't worth the effort and time and killing.

So what do we do? Do we tell everyone the truth and lose our stature and status, our money and property, or do we keep our mouths shut, agree to work with the Zetans for awhile, and keep our money, power and property? It doesn't take a Harvard grad to figure that one out.

There are a number of flaws in this theory, although the flaws do not necessarily disprove it. The number one objection to the theory is that if we are genetically engineered Zetan experiments, the Zetans have badly botched the batch, have they not? Why, when they were tinkering, did they not eliminate fatal and harmful diseases? Why did they not eliminate death? If they are as good as some people think, it should be no problem.

Unless we are literally lab rats on whom the Zetans are testing their latest toxins and anti-toxins, we would be hard pressed to see any benefits of their tampering. Even the grand poobahs of government die from the most lowly and common of diseases. Seems to me that if they had agreed to help and to cover up the crimes of the Zetans, they would be immune and would be granted eternal life or something.

But, no. Their kids get chicken pox. Their wives develop ovarian cysts and breast cancer. They get prostrate cancer or have heart attacks and croak just like the rest of us. Where's the justice in that?

The second flaw in the theory is the question of consciousness. Why would the Zetans force us out of a primarily right brain intuitive, layed-back existence in the Garden of Paradise and into a left brain, high-stress, high tech existence, implant us with knowledge of the world outside the Garden, give us self-awareness, then crush our esteem by springing upon us with the revelation of the great lie?

Okay, Dr. Frankenstein created a monster then had to kill it after it became self-aware because it was running amok and killing people. Left to his own devises, Frank the Younger may have conspired to start a war that would kill 80 million or so. Or he might have scratched around on his drafting table until he came up with, oh, an atomic bomb or something.

Considering the cosmos as a whole, the good doctor was probably wise to nip his terribly flawed experiment in the bud.

But here is the truth of the matter: If our society became as uncontrolled as the rampant Frankenstein monster after learning of the lie, we, like it, would have to be eliminated to preserve law and order, would we not? If not, then society "as we know it" would literally cease to exist.

When it finally sinks in that you are not a child of God but the property of a Zetan chemical engineer that will fairly well cut the cake for you if you are unable to deal with the concept of being little more than livestock, tagged and branded and herded into a corral called Earth, each of us awaiting the day when we will be lifted by our ears and plunked down on a cold steel table to be cut apart and examined or put to death for the advancement of the Zetan space program.

Revelations like that can ruin a Super Bowl Sunday in a hurry.

But what if it isn't that at all? What if we have become storage bins for Zetan kas awaiting rebirth (reincarnation). What if we are reincarnated Zetans?

Or what if the Zetans are us 10,000 years from now? What if they are coming back through time to make the necessary changes to either insure time travel or to prevent it (having discovered that it is a bad idea)?

Or what if neither the Zetans nor humans even exist? What if we are just a nightmare inside the mind of a creature that is greater than either of us? And what if this fitful dreamer wakes up? What happens to us?


Then, of course, there is this theory: The Zetans arrived about 10,000 years ago and genetically altered a creature roaming the plains and savannahs of planet Earth, returning periodically to prod the new creature, to tag it and follow its migrations until, now, after several disastrous wars, famines and oil shortages, they find we have developed weapons that could, if perfected, blow them right back to home base.

A few get through to claim their livestock but, so far the intelligence agencies and the USAF have kept them fairly well restricted to the upper atmosphere, using, of all things, the very technology the Zetans left here for our enlightenment forty years ago!

Man, I'll bet that really makes them gnash their mandibles! I can almost hear the scalpels bouncing off the walls now!

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