You have video tapes but did you really see it?

A crowd of people wait in the chill darkness of the desert night near Groom Lake, Nevada for a brief glimpse of a UFO. Bundled into blankets and thermal coats, they make small talk, drink gallons of coffee and cast hopeful glances at the sky. At 2 a.m. their vigil is rewarded when lights, arranged in a V pattern, rise vertically from beyond the mountains, hover for a brief moment, turn and fly directly over their heads. Cameras click and whirr frantically. The craft is out of sight in a matter of seconds.

But four hours later, just before sunrise, the UFO is back, descending from several thousand feet to a vertical landing on the lake bed. Ten or twelve hours of surveillance has resulted in less than 10 seconds of video tape of the suspected UFO. The intrepid sky-watchers creep into their campers and cars for a few hours sleep before returning to their homes and jobs hundreds of miles away.

Planned sky watches and serendipitous UFO sightings occur on a daily or nightly basis somewhere in the United States of America and worldwide. Those who witness UFO flights are certain they have seen something and their video tapes appear to confirm it.

But why are government agencies so eager to proclaim the sightings as hoaxes or misidentified aircraft? How do they know a hoax is a hoax unless they have perpetrated it? It is odd, is it not, that within seconds of viewing a video tape, some government spokesperson can confidently identify your UFO as twelve ultra light airplanes flying information, or four hot air balloons flying in formation; all this from watching a two dimension image on a TV monitor; all this without having waited with you in the cold and darkness.

There can be no doubt that you and your companions saw something rise into the sky and fly silently away (silent, at least, to human hearing). Your video tapes prove it. It seems unlikely that the video camera could capture a telepathic hallucination. It seems equally unlikely that your senses and the video camera could clearly see and record a holographic projection of lights rising and sailing away into the darkness.

But isn't it interesting that the apparent shape of the Groom Lake aircraft is precisely that of unidentified flying objects reported in various parts of America and later claimed to be hoaxes perpetrated by members of flying clubs? Who arranges and pays for these elaborate hoaxes? Who authorizes ten or twelve private planes to fly in tight formation at low altitudes, some of them without navigation lights, at night above populated areas? Why have not these pilots been prosecuted for violating FAA flight regulations (minimum altitude, aerobatics over a city and failure to display navigation lights)? Who is protecting them? What are they really hiding? Why?

When you see and photograph UFOs over your city and report them, you are telling the truth. Later sightings in the same area, staged by secret agencies, are proclaimed as hoaxes to discredit your sightings. There can be only one viable explanation for these expensive ruses: to prevent you from examining too closely the images on your video tape that might reveal the existence of either 1) government super spy planes or 2) actual alien craft.

UFO sightings are increasing alarmingly worldwide, but particularly in the United States of America. Ample evidence and testimony indicates that several saucer-shaped craft, whether alien or domestic, are being hangared and tested at Groom Mine and site S4 near Papoose Lake in southern Nevada. If they are alien craft, engineers and scientists have obviously not fully determined how they function although disassembly and study is reported to be a prime subject at S4.

Physicist Robert Lazar has given rather specific details of the propulsion system used aboard at least one of the S4 saucers. According to him, element 115 is converted to anti-matter by bombardment in a small engine on the second deck of the saucer. The resulting conversion of matter into 100% energy creates a thermo-electric burst which is used as intermittent thrust by steerable nozzles on the underside of the craft. When fully energized, the craft is reported to become completely invisible and is able to travel cosmic distances in seconds or minutes by bending space, which, according to the theory, places point A directly upon point B so there is no real linear distance or motion between the two.

In other words, when fully energized, the saucer simply jumps sideways into the target solar system! In the case of the alien "Greys", who have been reported running amok and terrorizing Earthlings for about 10,000 years, the target, when they have completed each round of experiments, is somewhere around Zeta Reticuli (or so the government would have us believe).

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