Subliminal Contact: Thousands Are Affected

We have received several lengthy and comprehensive reports from worldwide sources detailing episodes of subliminal contact or telepathic communication from unknown sources. While we believe these people have experienced something, we have generally reserved judgement or analysis until we could obtain some sort of confirmation that governments are using subliminal transmission devices, or that anyone can use them with any degree of effectiveness.

Following is a portion of a telephone conversation with a reliable contact who seems to have confirmed what many of us have long suspected.

There was some discussion of other subjects running through this portion and we have abridged the conversation to avoid confusion.

FIO: "Would you be surprised to learn that the FBI consulted their chums at KGB headquarters in Moscow during the assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco?"

WE: "Really? What for?"

FIO: "They wanted to borrow one of KGB's psychological weapons to persuade Mr. Koresh to surrender."

WE: "What sort of weapon?"

FIO: "The KGB has had for some years a technique for beaming inaudible or barely audible subliminal transmissions to individuals and groups that could have convinced Mr. Koresh he was actually hearing the voice of GOD."

WE: "Whaaaaat!?"

FIO: "Oh, yes! I suppose you don't believe it but I assure you it is true. They developed the weapon to convince enemy soldiers--Americans--to lay down their weapons or disgruntled citizens to follow the orders of their politicians."

WE: "Why didn't they use it?"

FIO: "How can we be certain they didn't?"

WE: "But Mr. Koresh didn't surrender."

FIO: "Precisely my point. Odd, don't you think? Especially in the face of such overwhelming firepower."

WE: "You're saying they might have suggested he resist... ."

FIO: " they could kill them. There was a time when it seemed Koresh was willing to surrender. A few of them actually did. But then he suddenly changed his mind, saying he was instructed by God not to surrender. I found that very unusual."

WE: "Do you think we have the same kinds of weapons?"

FIO: "I'm certain we do, even if we purchased them from the Russians. But I'm waiting for you to ask some pointed questions."

WE: "Which ones?"

FIO: "Why is the Justice Department so chummy with the KGB, how did they know the Russkies had the weapon and why did the Russkies not deny they had such a weapon."

WE: "Okay, why?"

FIO: "Number one, American technology and tax dollars probably helped develop the weapons and number two, CIA, KGB and FBI are really just different divisions of the same intelligence network. They've always shared a great deal of their technological information, regardless of what the media or the feds would have us believe to the contrary. But the Russians developed some other rather technologically superior devices as well. Notable is a type of radar that can penetrate the walls of buildings to see people, machines and weapons inside; to render the buildings invisible as it were."

WE: "Could the FBI have used such a device at Waco?"

FIO: "They could have but whether or not they did is something we may never know. They would have to obtain special access to the satellite or allot funds for a blackbird flight. It is academic now in any event, however, it is chilling to know that governments can and do develop and use such advanced devices against their citizens, don't you think?"

WE: "Ummm. You know, we've had people write to tell us they have heard sounds or voices, sometimes sounding like a tape recording being played fast forward. Do you think those sounds could be from subliminal transmissions?"

FIO: "Are these people under the scrutiny of law enforcement agencies?"

WE: "Oh, no. They are people who are investigating UFO's or who claim to have been abducted by aliens. I've heard them myself while doing research on UFO's."

FIO: "Ah."

(long pause)

WE: "Do you think they could be subliminal transmissions?"

FIO: (silence)

WE: "Hello?"

FIO: "We... I don't know that much about UFO's."

WE: "I'm not asking you about UFO's; I'm asking you about subliminal transmission weapons."

FIO: "I'm sorry. This is a subject I cannot address."

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