Tips on Selling Stuff to Make Money

Although it's been said time and time again -- your advertising must point out the benefits to the customer instead of you. However, lots of people still don't do it and subsequently lose a lot of sales. Let's look at some examples:

Example 1

WRONG: Successful and highly acclaimed business magazine. Free copy. Send SASE.

RIGHT: Learn exactly how to make money in your home business. Free issue for your review. Just send SASE.

Notice that in the first ad the emphasis is placed on the magazine being successful and highly acclaimed. That doesn't tell the customer "what" the magazine will do for them personally.

Example 2

WRONG: You've tried the rest but we're the best. Send your next ad to us for typesetting.

RIGHT: Save $5 off your first typesetting order. 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee if you are ever dissatisfied.

Notice that the first ad brags about the company, but in the second ad the customer is given a $5 savings plus their order is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. By providing this guarantee, you are telling the customer that you do good work and will give them good service. You don't have to announce it -- just prove it!

Example 3

WRONG: Call us right away to hear about a new product that is sweeping the country.

RIGHT: Save money on vitamins and health products. Call for details.

Many people try to use a "feeler" ad in order to generate a lot of responses. Then, they can brag that a particular ad brought them in 100s of inquiries and they'll sell the concept to others. But in actual reality -- feeler ads cost the advertiser money. Lots of people may respond but few will actually buy. That's why it is important to state exactly what the product or service you are selling is so that you will generate inquiries from people most likely to make a purchase. When you do that, you won't spend all your time chasing after empty leads and can concentrate on filling orders and depositing money in the bank.

Example 4

This example details how I sold an old car that my dad had. It was a 1976 Lincoln Continental; my dad had purchased it new and had maintained it well over the years. Now, if I would have advertised it like other ads, it would have probably appeared to potential buyers as a junker. The most I could have probably gotten for it was $500.

But dad had just paid $600 to replace some major engine parts. I felt the car was worth more than $500 and decided to come up with a way to market it in order to sell a 20-year-old car for $1,800.

I placed an advertisement in the local Trading Post, under the classification of "Antique Cars" with the following wording:

1976 Lincoln Continental, 1-owner. Must sell. Elderly man can no longer drive. All major engine parts brand new, 80,000 actual miles. $1,800.

Within one week, the car was sold.

Notice the angle I used in marketing dad's car for re-sell. Just like with all the other examples, the potential customer was shown how the product being sold would benefit them. In the case of the car, it was presented as an "antique collectible," which it really was. The car was in showroom condition and I could easily market it this way.

But just because you change your ad to be beneficial to the customer, you must also have a product or service that fits the bill. You can't lie and twist words around to get a sale. Truth in advertising still takes precedence.

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