Fishing Bait - 10 Oil-Based Formulas

Formula 1

Mix together 5 parts oil of rhodium and 2 parts oil of cumin.

Add 1 part tincture of musk. Stir.

Pour into 1/2 oz. bottles and label.

Put 1 or 2 drops of fish bait to attract fish.

Formula 2

Mix together 2 oz. oil of rhodium, 1/2 oz. tincture of musk, 1 oz. oil of cumin, 1/2 oz. juice of loveageroot.

Make a paste of bread crumbs mixed with shreds of cotton or wool. Pour the oil mixture on top of it and mix well.

Keep in tightly sealed bottles.

Break off a small piece of the cotton/wool mixture and use for bait.

Formula 3

Mix together 1 lb. ground aniseed or fennel seed and 1/4 lb. ground allspice.

Sprinkle 1/8 oz. oil of cloves over the above and mix.

Store in tightly sealed jars for a few days while the odors blend.

Put a drop on fish bait.

Formula 4

Combine 1 oz. gum benzoin and 12 oz. olive oil in a double boiler. Heat for 2 hours.

Remove and let stand for a week. Then strain.

Add 30 drops oil of rhodium and 3 drops oil of patchouli. Use a medicine dropper.

Add 1 1/2 oz. bacon grease or lard oil.

Store this mixture in small bottles. Put 1 or 2 drops on meat bait.

Formula 5

Combine 1/2 oz. oil of rhodium, 1/8 oz. oil of spearmint, 1/2 oz. oil of anise and 1 oz. glycerin.

Use 2 drops on any bait.

Formula 6

Combine pure cod liver oil with some red oil-soluble food coloring. Mix.

Dip any bait into the mixture.

Formula 7

Put a loosely-covered jar of dead worms in a garage, barn or outbuilding.

Wait 10 days or until they have turned to liquid.

Pour off 1/2 oz. of the liquid and mix 20 drops of oil of rhodium with it.

Put a drop or 2 on fish bait.

Formula 8

Take odd pieces of cut-up fish, clams, lead minnows, crawfish and eels and put into a loosely-covered glass jar.

Leave until it turns to oil.

Mix 1 part oil of anise with 5 parts of the fish oil.

Use on fish bait. Especially attracts bottom feeding fish.

Formula 9

Combine 2 oz. cod liver oil with 20 drops oil of anise. Mix well.

Use on bait. Especially attracts trout.

Formula 10

Combine 1/2 oz. oil of rhodium and 1/2 pint olive oil.

Put a drop or two on fish bait.

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