"Lenz-Brite" Liquid Eyeglass Cleaner And "Anti-Fog"

This product is a small plastic vial with screw cap, in which a piece of chemically saturated folded felt is packed. When the screw cap is removed, this wet piece of felt extends up and above the top opening of the vial, so that the plastic container serves as an applicator when the screw cap is removed.

The product is designed as a quick and easy lens cleaner for eye glasses and to use it, you simply remove the cap, dab the wet felt lightly on each side of the eye glass lens and then polish off with a handkerchief or tissue. It not only cleans the lens with a sparkling clarity but it also retards fogging of the lens under certain conditions of heat and cold.

Another feature is its long lasting effect, so convincingly demonstrated by suggesting that the customer or prospect smear a LENZ-BRITE cleaned lens with his finger and then polish off with his handkerchief, without further application of the cleaner. This feature makes one application last all day long.

The product is simple to make - all that is needed is your vial which may be plastic or glass, the felt or any absorbent substance that will hold the non-drying cleaning solution and the solution itself. The absorbent substance may be felt, synthetic sponge, cotton wicking, or even a piece of cloth rolled up to fit the small container or dispenser.

Formula for the Solution

Ethylene Glycol . . . . . . . . 8 parts
Wetting Agent . . . . . . . . . 1 part
Water . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 parts


Mix the wetting agent in the water and then stir in the Ethylene Glycol. We have given the units as "PARTS". You may consider the parts as drams, ounces, pints, quarts or gallons according to size batch you wish to make.

Treating the Felt

As explained previously, other substances may be used in treating any substance with this solution; simply immerse the felt in the solution and allow to remain until it is completely saturated with the liquid. Wring out only lightly and then insert the treated felts in small vials or containers. One concern uses a strip of felt folded and inserted in the vial, so the folded edge protrudes above the opening of the vial, the fold being the point of application to the lens.


Give your product an appropriate name. Beneath the name, state "Long Lasting Lens Cleaner" or "Instant Lens Cleaner". DIRECTIONS: Dab a small spot of (name) to each side of lens. Polish with handkerchief or tissue. Will not scratch. Will NOT evaporate. LASTS FOR ONE YEAR. Mfg. by:


These vials or containers are put up TWELVE to a display card, with an EXTRA VIAL inserted separately on the card, suggesting that the prospective customer TRY IT ON HIS OWN EYEGLASSES before he buys it. This is a convincing demonstration that helps to sell.

The product retails for $1.00 paying a very liberal profit and your initial offer to salesmen and agents can offer them TWO samples for $1.00, suggesting that they sell one and get their dollar back and use the other to prove that this is the money maker they have been waiting for.

You can also offer a trial display card holding thirteen vials (Twelve to sell and one as the demonstrator) for $5.00 and in larger quantities at the following prices: 3 dozen at $4.55 per dozen; 12 dozen at $3.90 per dozen; 24 dozen at $3.25 per dozen.

Advertising Claims that You Can Make

(name) is a handy little gadget with sales appeal plus to every man and woman who wears glasses -- with profits galore for the man who sells it. Just unscrew the cap, apply a small spot of (name) to each glass, wipe dry with handkerchief or tissue and Presto! A sparkling clear lens that stays that way ALL DAY without any fogging form heat or cold. No water - no soap - no mess - no fuss. Just carry in pocket or purse - always handy - always ready to use.

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