Guide To Police Scanning

APCO 10-Codes

10-1  Signal Weak                 10-21 Call(_____) by Phone
10-2  Signal Good                 10-22 Disregard
10-3  Stop Transmitting           10-23 Arrived at Scene
10-4  Affirmative (OK)            10-24 Assignment Completed
10-5  Relay (TO)                  10-25 Report to (Meet)
10-6  Busy                        10-26 Estimated Time of Arrival
10-7  Out of Service              10-27 License/Permit Information
10-8  In Service                  10-28 Ownership Information
10-9  Say Again (Repeat)          10-29 Records Check
10-10 Negative                    10-30 Danger/Caution
10-11 ______On Duty               10-31 Pick Up
10-12 Stand By (Stop)             10-32 ___Units Needed (Specify)
10-13 Existing Conditions         10-33 Help Me Quick (Emergency)
10-14 Message/Information         10-34 Time
10-15 Message Delivered           10-35 Reserved
10-16 Reply To Message            10-36 Reserved
10-17 Enroute                     10-37 Reserved
10-18 Urgent (Quickly)            10-38 Reserved
10-19 (In) Contact                10-39 Reserved
10-20 Location

Agencies may designate and use 10-40 and above to suit their own needs.

Duties of Law Enforcement Officers

A State Trooper, Deputy Sheriff, or Police Officer may be required to perform many duties including directing traffic, assisting stranded motorists, stopping violators for routine and non-routine violations, responding to alarms, chasing suspects on foot, investigating traffic accidents, investigating industrial and home accidents, making felony and misdemeanor arrests, responding to vicious animal calls and complaints, checking buildings for break-ins, interviewing suspects and victims, testifying in court, executing search and arrest warrants, and more. Most State Police agencies spend more time investigating traffic accidents and enforcing traffic laws, while police departments spend more time investigating non-traffic related criminal activity and other calls for assistance. Police departments do investigate their share of traffic accidents, however. They are usually responsible for accidents occurring within their jurisdiction. State police agencies may take on more traditional police duties also, depending upon their agency, location, etc.

Table of Frequencies

Federal Bureau of Investigation


Drug Enforcement Agency

418.625/416.050 418.900/416.325 418.750 418.675 418.825/415.600 418.950/416.200 418.975/417.025 418.975

U.S. Customs Service

165.2375/166.4375     165.2375            166.4625
165.7375              166.4625/166.5875   162.825

U.S. Secret Service

32.23     Able      166.5125  Alpha     165.7875  Baker
165.375   Charlie   169.925   Delta     407.850   Echo
415.700   Fox       166.400   Golf      166.2125  Hotel
407.925   India     170.000   Juliet    167.825   Kilo
168.7875  Lima      165.2125  Mike      167.025   November
166.400   Papa      164.8875  Oscar     166.700   Quebec
166.400   Romeo     166.5125  Sierra    164.650   Tango
361.6     Uniform   164.100   Victor    167.025   Whiskey
166.4625  X-ray     162.6875  Yankee    171.2875  Zulu
415.675   Black     414.850   Brown     414.950   Orange
414.975   Red       414.650   Silver    415.875   Violet
414.675   Yellow    46.75               46.70  46.80

Internal Revenue Service

165.950/167.000     167.000           165.950
166.000/167.100     166.000           165.4625/166.5875
166.4625            418.225/414.7     418.225

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