Understanding What is Going On Behind The Scenes

Has anyone noticed that the world is growing wickeder and wickeder? I sure have. Can you remember a few years back when human beings would give each other the benefit of the doubt rather than jump to conclusions?

But our human nature began to change because it seemed that every time we trusted someone they let us down or conned us. Naturally, after living through a series of these same situations it's easy to see how one's human nature would become scared and calloused.

Although it's all fine and good to be cautious, there is a problem when you allow yourself to be too cautious. So much so that you destroy your own future. Let me ask you a question: Is it wise to be uptight and cautious about something, so much so that it destroys your business?

Some people play the stock market. In a nutshell, an investor has two choices: (1) Buy a stock that contains no risk but pays low dividends, or (2) Buy a stock that contains risk and pays high dividends. (Playing the stock market is really similar to betting at the horse track.)

Using this basic stock market principle, we also have a choice in business. We can either, (1) Take continual risks in order to have success, or (2) Not take any risks at all and remain in the SAME secure environment (you are in right now) for the rest of your life. The choice is yours!

If you chose Number 1 above, let's start taking some baby steps today by doing one or more of the following:

  1. The next time you place an order with a mail order dealer, don't immediately assume he ripped you off 2 weeks later because you haven't received your order. That's nonsense! Most small businesses are small businesses because they don't have lots of employees. Most small businesses are run by only one person who does everything. Perhaps your order arrived when this small business was swamped with work and is running a little behind. Don't go nuts! (Even items you order from television or magazines asks you to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.) Why do you put so much pressure on small businesses to process your order and have it back in your hands within 2 days? Give me a break! And do you also realize that you probably will destroy your business' future by making an enemy with this small business? That's because you'll probably run into them again and again during the course of your career. Then you'll spend more energy avoiding them , thereby creating negativity that hurts your own business. Accusing people of wrongdoing before you know all the facts is a really stupid move!

  2. Having a home business means that you have to develop a business attitude which you can switch on and off at any given moment. Let me explain: If you and your spouse are in the middle of a disagreement and a customer calls you, in order to tend to your customer's needs, you have to put your stressful emotions on hold almost instantly. If not, you'll probably lose the customer. (Try to always remember that someone calling you on the phone cannot see what is happening on the other end of the line.)

  3. When you decide to step out of your mold and take a risk, make sure the risk involves something you don't care to lose. For instance, don't risk $100 if you can't afford it. Instead, find an opportunity where you only risk $50.

Now this doesn't mean to buy into worthless programs and low-end money-making opportunities just because they are low-cost. This action does not qualify you as taking risks. Always remember: If you begin a business with little or no money, the road is rough and rocky to make a decent living. But the rewards are worth every bump!

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