Agreement Between Owner and Contractor

This agreement is hereby made and entered into this _(1)_ day
of _______(2)_______, 20_(3)_, by and between
________(4)________, of ________(5)________, hereafter called
Owner, and _________(6)__________, of _________(7)___________,
hereafter called Contractor.

The said parties, for the considerations hereinafter
mentioned, hereby agree to the following:

1. The Contractor agrees to provide all of the material and
labor required to perform the following work for:

(Describe work to be Performed)

as shown by the drawing(s) and described in the specifications
prepared by ________(8)______________ and provided by the
Owner, which are identified by the signatures of the parties
to this agreement and which form a part of this agreement.

2. The Owner hereby agrees to pay the Contractor, for the
aforesaid materials and labor, the sum of
$_________(9)___________, in the following manner:

(Describe Method and Timing of Payment)

3. The Contractor agrees that the various portions of the
above-described work shall be completed on or before the
following dates:

(Insert Dates)

and the entire above-described work shall be completed no
later than the _(10)_ day of ______(11)________, 20_(12)_.

4. The Contractor agrees to provide and pay for all materials,
tools and equipment required for the prosecution and timely
completion of the work. Unless otherwise specified, all
materials shall be new and of good quality.

5. In the prosecution of the work, the Contractor shall employ
a sufficient number of workers skilled in their trades to
suitably perform the work.

6. All changes and deviations in the work ordered by the Owner
must be in writing, the contract sum being increased or
decreased accordingly by the Contractor. Any claims for
increases in the cost of the work must be presented by the
Contractor to the Owner in writing, and written approval of
the Owner shall be obtained by the Contractor before
proceeding with the ordered change or revision.

7. The Owner, Owner's representative and public authorities
shall at all times have access to the work.

8. The Contractor agrees to re-execute any work which does not
conform to the drawings and specifications, warrants the work
performed, and agrees to remedy any defects resulting, from
faulty materials or workmanship which shall become evident
during a period of one year after completion of the work.

9. The Owner agrees to maintain full insurance on the
above-described work during the progress of the work, in his
own name and that of the Contractor.

10. In the event the Contractor is delayed in the prosecution
of the work by acts of God, fire, flood or any other
unavoidable casualties; or by labor strikes, late delivery of
materials; or by neglect of the Owner; the time for completion
of the work shall be extended for the same period as the delay
occasioned by any of the aforementioned causes.

11. In the event the work is delayed due to neglect of the
Contractor, the Contractor agrees to pay the Owner the sum of
$________(13)_________ per ___(14)____ as liquidated damages
until such time as the work is completed.

12. The Contractor agrees to obtain insurance to protect
himself against claims for property damage, bodily injury or
death due to his performance of this agreement.

13. Neither the Owner nor Contractor shall have the right to
assign any rights or interest occurring under this agreement
without the written consent of the other, nor shall the
Contractor assign any sums due, or to become due, to him under
the provisions of this agreement.

14. This agreement shall be interpreted under laws of the
State of ________(15)_______.

15. Attorney's fees and court costs shall be paid by the
defendant in the event that judgment must be, and is, obtained
to enforce this agreement or any breach thereof.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto set their hands and
seals the day and year written above.

__________(16)____________  ____________(17)______________

__________(16)____________  ____________(18)______________


The information in this document is designed to provide an outline that you can follow when formulating business or personal plans. Due to the variances by many local, city, county and state laws, we recommend that you seek professional legal counseling before entering into any contract or agreement.

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