12 Guaranteed Ways to Keep Your Downline Alive, Happy, Vigorously Active... And Buying

Master these concepts and it is time for you and your downline to Celebrate

This report, "12 Guaranteed Ways To Keep Your Downline Alive, Happy, Vigorously Active . . . And Buying" is one of 15 reports contained in our set of reports, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM MACHINE . . . By Mail." If you have not purchased the entire set of reprintable reports, I strongly urge you to do so now so that you can take full advantage of this program.

If you have been reading and studying the other reports in this series, you will have come to a very important conclusion. You will want to build your MLM organization DEEP! But let's review this just in case it is not crystal clear in your mind. It is so important for you to understand this principle. The very back bone of your succeeding with a MLM program is that you are able to multiple your efforts through others. That way, your organization multiplies such that your 3rd, 4th 5th and so on levels attain a large number of people in your organization - or down-line.

You will always earn the large money in your deep levels. In fact, a lot of MLM programs are geared so you will make more on your deep levels (per person) than what you will earn on your first level. In our report, The Home Operated Wealth Builder's Program," we show an example how this can work. In that example, if you were to recruit 1,000 members on your first level, you earn about $3,000 per month. Conversely, if these same 1,000 people were on your 3rd level, you would earn about $23,000 a month. That's a big difference. So you see there are two very important reasons to build your downline deep. First, that is where the large number of people will be. The second reason is that many MLM programs pay much more per person in your deep levels.

The "Secret Key" is building a deep organization is fairly simple. You must HELP YOUR FIRST LEVEL, AND THEN TEACH THEM HOW TO HELP THEIR FIRST LEVEL! In other words, you must have a system that is 100% duplicative. To do this, you must first have a method that works for you. You then show your first level how to replicate your method. And lastly, but most important, YOU MUST BE ABLE TO TEACH YOUR FIRST LEVEL TO TEACH THEIR FIRST LEVEL! To look at this another way, you must be able to HELP your first level and show them how to help their first level of downline. Just like I am doing. And just like I want you to do. Let's be perfectly honest with each other. If I can help you, and we both make money, then I am motivated to help you. Right? That's how MLM works! When it's done properly, MLM is a beautiful system. You don't have to sell the world! Only a few in your first level.

Now before you read further, I want you to agree with what we have said so far. If you want to build a large MLM organization, you do so by primarily working with your first level of people. Agree? Just imagine. Let's say you start with 10 people. If your MLM program has 5 levels, it can grow 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 100,000 on your 5th level! Now admittedly, that is a perfect mathematical model, and it is unlikely that will happen and we both know it. But, if you have a good system that really can be implemented, you probably can get close! Let's talk a little more about how many people you should sponsor on your first level. You decide, but you should use this as a guideline: "Sponsor only those that you can help." In this program, "help" is more or less defined as your capability to generate leads and make some mailings for your first level of downline. In other words, if you follow the techniques in this program, you will be able to generate many good qualified leads that you will want to pass (sell) on to your downline. If you have some up front cash to advertise or whatever, you may be able to help more than 10 people. On the other hand, if you are truly starting on a shoestring, maybe you can help only a few. But I find it hard to believe that if you use this program, you can't help at least 10 people. But you decide. The objective is simple. Decide how many ACTIVE people you want on your first level, and then go for it!

When I say ACTIVE, let me explain. You will no doubt sign up people that will not do anything! When that happens, don't be discouraged. Instead, you need to find a replacement that will be active. If you set your goal to have 10 active people in your first level, don't stop until you have met your goals. Remember that as soon as you sign up one or two people in your first level, you will want to help these people as well as filling out your own first level. During this period, your upline also will be available to help you! Therefore, your upline is helping you, you are helping yourself, and you are helping your downline - all at the same time. Take this into consideration before you commit to how many people you want to build in your first level.

You also should set a goal in your mind for how long it will take you to fill in your first level. Rome was not built in a day, so give yourself enough time. The important thing is to stick to it. If you stay with it long enough, it will blossom out for you.

And lastly, keep your troops motivated! This program will work for you and your downline! It will take some time and effort on everyone's part! Anything worthwhile seldom comes totally free. But if you follow the steps in this program, your chances of success are very high. It is really quite simple. If you make money quickly, I think you will be motivated to work this program. Won't you? And so will the people that you sign up! So make sure you "lean" on your upline sponsor, and you in return provide a little assistance to your downline. We all help each other to make this work for all of us.

OK, enough said. Now how do you keep you and your people happy and motivated? Well, there are a few basic rules that you need to know and conform to.

1. Promote Forced Payment MLM Plans

There are all kinds of MLM programs. In many of them, you can join and stay active by just paying your yearly organizational fee. I believe in participating in MLM programs in which everyone is more or less forced to buy something every month. that way, you are more or less guaranteed that all members in your downline are contributing to your income. You have to look at this from a practical point of view! For example, I know some people that have over 1,000 people in their organization, but no one is buying hardly anything! No one is making any money! Just wasting it on recruiting new members! That just doesn't make any sense. Yes, I realize that it is tougher to recruit people into a program that requires you to pay, say $50 a month. But then again, you don't have to recruit the world! Only ten will do very nicely! Wouldn't it?

2. Sell Them The MLM MACHINE Reports

At all costs, make sure that your downline members buy a complete set of the MLM MACHINE reports. These reports automatically train your downline. They just about insure them a way of making money. In this way, you are automatically teaching them how to duplicate what you are doing. And isn't that what this is all about? You bet it is!

3. Teach Your First Level To Concentrate On Local Promotion

The quickest way to promote MLM programs is locally. Why? Because you can circulate postcards and mini-flyers immediately. You can place ads in local newspapers that will be circulated within the week. You want your first level of people to get instant gratification. No waiting! Get them started immediately so they can taste sweet success immediately. There is nothing quite like getting money in your mail box that builds confidence.

True, national advertising is excellent an you may want to get active in this right away also. But it takes time. Also, you have the risk of competition. With local areas, it is a good bet that few people, if any, have seen the postcard offer. And there are millions of people! This is how the thin edge of MLM and mail-order merge together very subtlety. Remember, you should try to sign up only 10 or so people in your first level. In you own "Warm Inner Circle" and in your own neighborhood, you must have 10 people that you can sign up. Don't you? Circulate the postcards and mini-flyers! It's easy, fast and inexpensive!

4. Encourage Them To Participate In Several Mail-Order Programs

Look, the more mail-order programs that you and your downline participate in, the more money you both will earn. The stronger you become financially, the better you will be able to carry on and help your downline. By other "mail-order programs," I am suggesting that you buy and resell as many reprintable reports as you can afford, and "buy into" some of the mail-order distributorships that you can resell. When you sell the MLM MACHINE, you can then expect to earn a lot of extra profits! You can then expand again.

Just imagine if you had bought into, let's say, 35 or so offerings! If you have 35 offerings and you sell 100 MLM MACHINES, you probably stand to sell 35 x 100 = 3,500 orders. Why? Because your name will probably remain on the MLM MACHINE reports until someone buys from you! And if you make a $10 profit on the average on each order, that is $35,000! Isn't it? With that kind of up front money, you can do an awful lot of promotion to help the 10 people in your first level. You could almost build your second level with that kind of promotion! Couldn't you?

5. Encourage Your Downline Members To Participate In Two Or Three MLM Programs At The Same Time

We talk a lot about diversification in a later report, but let me just summarize some of the benefits for you and your downline. By using the MLM MACHINE to promote your MLM company, your efforts can be multiplied if you offer more than one MLM company. This is only true if you have a coherent plan to market more than one MLM program at the same time. And you do! I am not advocating that you become a "MLM junkie" just to have several companies. But if your MLM companies compliment each other, you have a chance to multiply your earnings. Therefore, if you can afford to handle two or three MLM companies, the MLM MACHINE will maximize your profits for just about the same effort!

6. Sell Your MLM Leads To Your First Level

This is your first responsibility to your first level. And it is the most important thing to teach your people to do for their people. It is not that hard to do, and you make money doing it! Isn't this just a great program? This concept is so important that we have dedicated an entire report on the subject, "How To Build Your Downline Deep By Selling Leads . . . And Literature." Just in case you don't have that report, here is a summary.

If you have used any of the promotional methods that are described in this program, you can surely generate more leads than what you will need in order to sign up your first level of 10 active people. When that happens, it is time for you to concentrate on helping and teaching your new people. The fastest and best way to do this is to simply offer the surplus leads that you have generated to your newly recruited people.

Now let's review how these extra leads might be generated. If you have studied the complete set of reports in the MLM MACHINE, you will have found many promotional ways that you probably are using. Perhaps you have circulated the mini-flyers, sent a few postcards to your "Warm Inner Circle," and maybe you have placed some classified ads or small space ads nationally. Before you know it, you have sold a few MLM MACHINE packages, and you will have built your first level of distributors. But the MLM MACHINE reports keep getting copied and recopied. With it, the request to send literature out (with payments)keep coming . . .and coming!

Now you are in a perfect position to really help your downline and build a deep organization! Remember, if you follow my plan, people are paying you to send to them your sales literature, and you can sell these leads to your downline. Can't you? But don't get greedy! Remember our example MLM program in which you could earn $27.00 for each person that you personally recruit? Stop and think now!

In this example, you will make your big money on your third level! So instead of recruiting this person for yourself, you simply sell this lead to your downline members for only $1.00! You help your downline members, and you build your third level where the big continuous money is! Everyone wins! Don't they? Is this duplicative or what? You bet it is!

If you look at the reports #11, #12 & #13 in the MLM MACHINE reports, you find other offers where the person will send in at least a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) with extra cash or stamps. If a person does this, do you think he is anxious to buy? Remember, this person already has the MLM MACHINE reports, and he knows what this program is all about. He sure is interested. Is this a good quality lead? It doesn't get any better, does it? OK. You now have a fist full of mail-order type "inquiries." All these inquiries are self addressed stamped envelopes with an extra postage stamp! What is this lead worth? Well, some of these inquiries want information on reprintable reports, mail-order dealerships and some want information on MLM programs. Look, I don't mind making money the easy way. For those that want information on the reprintable reports and mail-order dealerships, I send them out myself! If I have a new person that is struggling, I might as a personal favor sell him a few at $1 each. What the heck. That more than pays for my advertising costs. And you should consider handling your leads this way too!

But what about the leads wanting MLM program information? I ALWAYS offer these to my downline at $1 each and also offer to mail the literature for them! That way, they build their downline. And that's exactly what I want to happen. And you should too! In some MLM programs, the literature and video tapes are very expensive to send out at your cost. Don't do it! I mean, don't do it at your cost. But do send the complete package. Here's how. Let's say you have someone that is interested in your MLM program and the complete package of promotional material of color literature and video tapes, etc. will cost you $20.00. Here is where cost "would-be" MLM mail-order types fall short. Instead of sending out everything like they should, they make their own poor copies and then tell the person if they are interested they will send out the video. Or they tell the person to send $10 for the video. How do you think the prospective distributor feels? What does he think? He wonders if this is how he is supposed to sell this wonderful MLM program. Not a good impression.

Instead, be totally up front with these people. Remember, you only need to sign up 10 or so people in your first level, so you can be a little bit "picky." We make no bones about that in our advertisements. For the inexpensive mailings, we ask for only $1.00. For the expensive packages, we simply explain that we want to make sure he gets the complete promotional package, but he has to pay for it for reviewing. If he is not interested, he can return it in good condition, and we'll refund his money less the postage and handling costs. We only ask that we get paid for the postage and handling! That way, you can be assured that your prospective distributor is getting the complete first class package, and you don't lose money sending it to him.

Now, I realize that this person may instead send off for similar literature from someone else that is sending it to him free. But how long do you suppose this person will continue to do this before he realizes he can go broke doing this. And how is he supposed to duplicate this method? I sure don't want to lose money doing it this way. And I sure can't show you, my downline, how to do it without losing money. You can't and don't want to personally sponsor everyone that is possible. Instead, you want 10 good active people. That way, you can be selective. In fact, if the truth were known, the people that you sponsor on your first level will have a tremendous advantage. Won't they? Isn't this worth quite a bit? If you have a sponsor that is actively promoting this program, he will be able to help you immediately with hot, fresh, qualified leads. People that already have these reports. Now compare that to sending off to one of those "lone souls" that offer free, second rate literature. The point that I am trying to make is that you offer a true value to all people that you sponsor. You have a first class program. Don't give your services away free. Earn while you learn. And teach others, via the MLM MACHINE, to do what you do!

7. Stay In Touch With Your First Level Of Downline

After you sign up someone on your first level, stay in touch with him by letter or phone to make sure he is happy, active and prospering. You want to do this for two reasons. First of all, your life line in MLM is to make sure that your first level of people have sponsored their fair share of 10 or so active people. If they are having trouble, help them out. Feed them leads and offer advice on what worked for you. In other words, share your success methods.

The second reason is that if he has by chance become inactive, you must replace him with someone new. Your job is to make sure that you keep a vigorous first level of distributors that do the same as you. If someone becomes inactive, or worst yet, never starts, don't fret. Some people just never will do anything. If that's the case, forget him and replace him. Tough line, but do it! We're only talking about your earnings and your fortune!

8. Teach Your Downline The Magic Of Using Cross Pollination

This is a powerful technique! Use it to the fullest, and teach your downline how to use it! This builds a "perpetual motion machine" into your organization. Make sure you read and study our report "How To Use Amazing CROSS POLLINATION Methods To Earn Up Front Cash While Building An Explosive, Infinitely Deep Downline." Enough Said!

9. Sell Your Upline!

This program not only can be used to promote the MLM program advertised in the MLM MACHINE reports, but it is also very effective in promoting your own personal other MLM programs. In our report, "30 Choice" MLM Programs Automatically Promoted For You," there is space to advertise other MLM programs that you may be participating in. That being the case, you can add your own programs as well as promoting ours.

If you have other MLM programs, you might have an opportunity to enroll your existing upline members in the programs described in the MLM MACHINE. What would happen if you go to your "Big Time" upline and explain the MLM MACHINE to him? Just think about this. The MLM MACHINE provides a vehicle to help you promote your program(s) that he has sponsored you in. Do you think he will be in favor of this? Of course! But now what would happen if you interested him in some of the programs that you are in and he isn't? Do you think you might be able to sign him up in some of your programs? Maybe. And if you do, how many people do you think he might be able to expose to YOUR new programs? A lot I bet! Well, it is worth a try. Isn't it? If you can pull this off, you can get an awful lot of people recruited in a big hurry!

10. Offer Cooperative Advertising

Let's say you now have 10 strong active people in your first level. Wouldn't it be nice if they collectively went together and advertised? If each person threw in a few bucks, they could generate a lot of leads for them and their downline. Couldn't they? Well, it just takes a little bit of coordination on your part. After all, you know who your first level of people are, and they don't necessarily know each other. It is up to you to make this suggestion to your people and it's easy to do. Why not try? They will probably appreciate your efforts. After all, they stand to earn a lot more money if they do so. But you will have to put it together.

11. Discreetly Help Build Your First Level's Downline

If you become active in this program, you will have the opportunity to sign up more people than what you need in your first level. It works something like this. All of a sudden you begin to make some serious money. You are generating more extra leads. Your wife (or spouse), kids and friends spread the word. You now are approached by all kinds of people who want to "get in this deal." And, oh yes, some of that literature that you sent out months ago now start coming in with people that want to join. Well, here's your chance to help a few struggling people on your first level.

Instead of signing these new people in your first level, have the application sent to you and assign these to a few select people who really need a little help. Now be careful. You can't be expected to build your first level's organization. But you can help a little when you can. Remember, everything that you do must be 100% duplicative so don't make claims that you can't back up. Don't make claims about things only you can do, and your downline can't do.

12. Encourage Your First Level To Participate In MLM Training Programs

Most MLM companies have methods available to help train you how to promote their products. If these are available, by all means buy them, attend the seminars and the like. They are generally well worth the money and time. Better yet, in some MLM programs, you can earn extra profits when your downline participates in this training program. by all means, take advantage of these fine programs. It will not only help you, but it will help your downline. And you can earn extra profits! Good deal!


If you think about what has been said in this report, it is truly amazing. Most people try to "fight" the basic MLM fundamental truth. Don't try to recruit the whole world! Only a few! That's not really that hard. Not when you use this program. Is it? Just imagine. You sell 10 or so MLM MACHINE packages and then you recruit only 10 people. And they do the same. Really, is that very difficult? I don't think so. do you? If you follow the simple steps in this program, you too could be one of the elite 3% who may earn over $100,000! That wouldn't be too hard to take, would it?

Now I can try to convince you until I'm "blue in the face." If you're one of those people that won't try, I can't do a thing to help you. But if you are one of the few that will seize this opportunity and run with it, then this program can work for you. Now's the time! One thing is for sure. The earlier you get into this program, the more opportunity you will have. If you have the complete set of all 15 MLM MACHINE reports, you have in your possession a remarkable plan. Use it to your advantage! Go for it! How much can you really lose? A lot if you don't act now! So what are you waiting for?

To your success!

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