How to Use Amazing Cross Pollination Methods to Earn Up Front Cash While Building an Explosive, Infinitely Deep Downline

This report, "How To Use Amazing Cross Pollination Methods To Earn Up Front Cash While Building An Explosive, Infinitely Deep Downline!" is one of fifteen reports offered in our plan, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM Machine . . .By Mail!" If you have not purchased the entire set of reprintable reports, I strongly urge you to do so now so you can take full advantage of this program.

The concept of "Cross Pollination" is a technique that Videx has developed. It will maximize the growth and profits of your business while keeping your efforts and up front costs to a minimum. Cross Pollination is a marketing concept that smoothly integrates the principles of MLM, mail-order techniques, reprintable reports offerings, and cooperation between you and your downline into one coherent plan. With it comes explosive growth potential for you. Here is how it works.

The "core element" of CROSS POLLINATION is the set of MLM MACHINE reports. The MLM MACHINE reports can be bought, reprinted and then resold. Within the MLM MACHINE reports, there are 15 sets of additional reprintable reports that also can be purchased, duplicated and resold. Additional mail-order dealership offers are also described in the MLM MACHINE, and you can purchase these and promote them. That way, if you partake in any of these offers, you may replace the existing name with your name, and your name will then be circulated indefinitely. Also embedded into the MLM MACHINE are 30 "Choice" MLM programs including five "Highly Recommended" ones. If you participate in any of these MLM programs you will be automatically promoting your MLM program when the MLM MACHINE reports are duplicated and circulated to others. In summary, the MLM MACHINE is a "training manual" and your "catalog" that automatically is printed and circulated by others for you.

By using the MLM MACHINE reports, one can start a lucrative mail-order business without spending years of research and minimizing mistakes by trial and error. In other words, all 95 programs offered within the MLM MACHINE reports are known to be excellent mail-order items that can be sold profitably. In short, the MLM MACHINE is a complete "turn key" mail-order program. Furthermore, it functions as a complete "home study" training mail-order manual with easy step by step instructions on how to succeed. It also provides instructions and training for your MLM distributors who you may have recruited. And lastly, but very important, it generates good quality leads for your MLM programs!

Since the primary purpose of the MLM MACHINE is to generate quality MLM leads, it provides a unique and effective method to do that. As mentioned, if you participate in a MLM program, you will generate MLM leads when you sell the MLM MACHINE. Just as important, you will be shown how to generate MLM leads in your local neighborhood in a fast and cost effective manner! If you and your downline follow this technique, you will be "tapping into" the 200 million plus people that are normally NOT exposed to the "Opportunity" type magazines! Understand that this can be done by LOCAL promotion mail-order methods. That way, the MLM MACHINE uses the best part of MLM and mail-order techniques. In other words, you get the best of both worlds!

There may be some of you reading this that would like to pursue only the mail-order part of this business. That is fine! You have a complete mail-order business package and you can proceed directly. In fact, you can operate this business just about off your kitchen table. If you can circulate and mail a few postcards you can start immediately. You also can place inexpensive classified ads and small space advertisements and you will be flooded with inquiries and orders. However, understand that if you are not promoting MLM programs, the person that sold you this package probably is. And he can profit handsomely through your efforts because he will most likely be generating leads for his MLM program(s). Just so you know what you are missing. In other words, every time you sell a MLM MACHINE package, you are automatically promoting and generating MLM leads.

I believe you will agree that by using our marketing methods explained in our MLM MACHINE reports, it is easy to promote and sell our package, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM Machine . . . By Mail!" For example, you can easily start by circulating a few mini-flyers or by mailing a few postcards locally that promote the reprintable plan, "How To Make Money With Postcards! 65 Easy Postage FREE Moneymaking Methods Revealed!" As you probably know, you can sell that report for only $2. You should then include a copy of the circular that promotes the entire set of reports, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM Machine . . . By Mail!" Therefore, many of the people that buy the postcard report will then buy the MLM MACHINE set of reports for $25. In both cases, you simply copy the reports and send them to your customers.

Included in the MLM MACHINE reports are no less than 95 additional offers that you and your customers can buy and then promote. Namely, there are 30 MLM programs, 50 mail-order dealerships and 15 sets of reprintable reports You can "buy into" any of the offers made and you can then in return make money promoting them. And your customers can do the same.

The 95 selected offers have been chosen carefully. We want to make sure that they all "fit into" the MLM MACHINE marketing plan philosophy and, of course, they must meet our standards. This actually took us over a year of investigation with many "midnight" hours of pouring over many hundreds of offers that are available. None of these offers are originated by Videx. That's good and bad. The bad part is that Videx has no control over these "outside" companies. That is why we want everyone to register in the MLM MACHINE program so we can maintain the integrity of this program. The good part is you are not dependent on Videx. That is, if Videx goes out of business for any reason, you have the publication rights to the reprintable reports, and you will be dealing directly with all the other "outside" companies.

If you elect to participate in any of the 95 offers, there is a place in the MLM MACHINE reports for you to put your name and address. That way interested parties can write to you for more information. These people will then send to you either money or stamps that will more than cover your costs to send out the literature. In that way, you will earn a little bit for getting and handling the leads. We want to make sure that you don't lose money just sending out literature! Are you with me so far? Let's review.

You can first start out easily by simply circulating a few mini- flyers or by sending out a few postcards locally that offers the plan, "How To Make Money With Postcards! 65 Easy Postage FREE Moneymaking Methods Revealed." You then probably will get a bunch of $2 orders for this report. Next, you copy the report, and send it to your customers. Also, you include a copy of the circular, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM Machine. . . By Mail!" Most likely, you will then get a few repeat orders for the MLM MACHINE reports. Not a bad way to make a few extra bucks part time! But you can make a lot more than just a few extra bucks with this plan. A whole bunch more! How? By participating in one or more of the 95 offers! Here's how.

Let's say that you "buy into" only one of the programs to start. Pick the one or more that you like and can afford. Now what I am about to explain to you is absolutely remarkable! It's easy to use, but somewhat complicated to understand. This is extremely important for you to understand, so take your time and reread this as many times as you like. IMPORTANT! Study This Carefully

After you "buy into" one or more of the 95 opportunity offers, you can then replace the "source" name with yours. Therefore, when you sell the MLM MACHINE reports, you will be making your own offer to people that buy the reports. Your name will remain on the reprintable report until someone replaces your name with his. This normally will be your customer! Therefore, usually, your name will continue to be reproduced until a customer buys from you!

By selling the MLM MACHINE reports that include your offers, the quantity of orders that you can expect to get is a MINIMUM NUMBER OF ORDERS THAT EQUALS THE NUMBER OF OFFERS YOU MAKE TIMES THE NUMBER OF MLM MACHINE REPORTS THAT YOU SELL! Now that's a mouth full! Here's how it works. Let's say you have one offer and you sell 10 MLM MACHINE reports. In that case, you probably should get a minimum of 1 offer times 10 reports = 10 orders. If instead, you have 10 offers and you again sell 10 MLM MACHINE reports, you should probably get a minimum of 10 x 10 = 100 orders. Am I saying that you will sell everything to everyone? Absolutely not! Remember that your name will continue to be reprinted until someone buys from you! Now don't get me wrong. No system is perfect and that includes this one. But the facts are that it is possible - and it is very probable! But nothing like this can be absolutely guaranteed!

Let's look at the mathematics for the simple case where you sell 10 MLM MACHINES and you have only one offer. Let's assume for discussion that every person that you sell to will do likewise and see what happens. Now let's also assume ALL the people that you have sold the MLM MACHINE have bought your offer. Let's face it - that's very unlikely! But if they did, you would have received 10 x 1 = 10 orders! Right?

Read This Carefully

As unlikely as the above example may sound, that is PROBABLY YOUR WORST CASE! What? Well, let's now assume that not one single person bought your offer! Oops - is this working? Well, let's continue. You do have 10 people who have bought the MLM MACHINE. Right? Remember that these MLM MACHINE reports have your name after your offer(s) printed in the reports for the offers that you are promoting. OK, now let's assume that your customers have now, in turn, sold 10 MLM MACHINE reports each to 10 other people. That means that there are now 10 x 10 + 100 people who have purchased the MLM MACHINE. Are you with me? Understand that ALL 100 MLM MACHINE reports have your name printed in them that explains YOUR offer(s)! Do you see what is happening? The longer you have to wait to get an order, the more exposure you are getting!

You now have 100 MLM MACHINES that have your offer printed in them, and THEY WILL REMAIN THERE UNTIL A NEW CUSTOMER OF YOURS BUYS FROM YOU! Now stop and think a minute. Once your name is printed and circulated, it will stay there until someone replaces your name with his. Can you see that you now have an excellent opportunity to get at least 100 orders? Will all 100 who bought the MLM MACHINE reports order from you? No, that's unlikely. As before, not all 100 people will order, but now your offer gets multiplied again . . . and again . . . and again! You may have your one offer reprinted and circulated 1,000's of times! And remember, your name will remain on these reports until someone replaces your name with theirs! And they generally will become your customer.

What do you suppose would happen if you had started with 10 offers instead of just one? You got it! Everything is multiplied by 10 right from the get-go. If you like to think big, do it! Just think what would happen if you "buy into" 10 offers and you sell 100 MLM MACHINE reports? Is that right? At least 10 x 100 = 1,000 orders? Well, probably. But realize there are no guarantees. Nothing is perfect . . .and that includes this plan. There are some reasons that this plan will not produce perfect results. You need to understand them, so this plan will meet with your expectations. First, there will be a few people that will buy the MLM MACHINE but will not promote it. So be it. There will be other people that buy the MLM MACHINE, but they already have purchased your offer from another source. In that case, they will replace your name with theirs without buying anything from you. But there will be plenty that buy from you and plenty that will publish these reports and resell them. Don't you think so? I think so.

Since this or no other plan is "perfect" it is important for you to offer more than one offer so your chances are improved dramatically. Other than those two reasons we described, I can't think of any reason that you will not succeed. Can you?

If you elect to participate in several MLM offers, you will have made a very wise choice. Why? Because as your offer gets printed and reprinted, you are generating leads that essentially go on for ever. By mixing a few MLM programs with a few mail-order offers, you get to make cash money with your mail-order offers while you are building your down-line! And as you see, the MLM MACHINE reports can generate leads from an infinitely deep level! There is no limit to the depth of levels that you penetrate! You could be getting leads from the MLM machine reports that have been printed 10 or more times!

Let me explain a secret. I have seen the same quality reprintable report(s) being sold and resold for years and years . . . sometimes decades! The reason for this is that mail-order dealers just "love" to sell good quality, reprintable reports. Why? They earn a large profit markup and they seldom get refund requests!

And remember, when YOU sell a MLM MACHINE set of reports, your name essentially remains on these reports until you get an order from someone else! What a terrific way to build your MLM network and help your downline with highly qualified leads. And from people who send to you money or stamps to pay for the mailing.

Can you see now how this plan works? Do you understand why it is important for you to get involved with at least one offer? Do you see why many offers will multiply your business? That is the reason you should do whatever it takes to get into as many programs as you can right from the beginning. Look at it as a business investment! If you could commit to a few $100 investments, this would take you a long way - fast! If you want to start on a shoe string budget, you can certainly do so by just selling reports via postcards. On the other hand, if you are looking for a business to invest in and get it up and running quickly, that options open to you. Let's discuss that idea a little bit more.

If you are serious about starting and operating your own, easy to run business, you have probably investigated into many dealerships, franchises and the like. If you want to kick if off so you can operate it full time, you have probably concluded that it will take you a few thousand dollars and a lot of risk. Now consider this opportunity. Let's say you "buy into" at least 10 programs. It makes sense to get involved with at least 2 or 3 MLM programs since they can grow forever. If you raise, say 1 or 2 thousand dollars, you can be in several MLM programs and several of the other 95 offers. Your initial investment could pay for your monthly MLM fees and carry you for, say several months. Therefore, with only, say $2,000, you could be going in high gear! Couldn't you? And building a secure lifetime income. One that will grow month after month! That's something to think about. Isn't it? But it's up to you! It's only your future that we're talking about. You decide. But I'll tell you something. You have to try.

OK. Let's get to the "bone cutting" part of this report. How do you generate surplus MLM leads and make money doing it?

  1. Circulate Mini-flyers and Mail Postcards. . .By using mini-flyers and postcards, you can very quickly generate orders for the reports, "How To Make Money with Postcards." In that report there is quite a bit of discussion about MLM and so forth. Therefore, your readers will be enticed to learn more and buy more reports from you and consider your MLM programs.

  2. Include a Brochure on the MLM MACHINE with your report orders. You will then sell the complete set of reports for $25.00 to your customers.

  3. Buy and resell the additional sets of reprintable reports. These are very informative and very profitable! You become the publisher and copy these for pennies and sell them for $$$'s!

  4. Buy and promote the Mail-order Dealership programs. These programs require no inventory and are also very instructive and profitable. Also, they very often offer even more programs for your consideration.

  5. Enroll into one or more of our "Highly Recommended" MLM programs. That way, you can build a secure, lifetime income.

  6. Sell your surplus leads to your First Level . . . After you sponsor your first level, the leads probably will keep coming in. Sell these to your first level people.

  7. Sell your literature!. . .The object is not to make a lot of money doing this, buy you should make a little for your time and effort. Don't you agree? If the promotional package costs you, say $5 plus $1 for postage, charge a couple extra bucks. After all, you are doing all the work.

  8. Continue to promote and sell the MLM MACHINE set of reports. After you have sponsored your first level, don't stop! Continue to promote the MLM Machine for a while. Remember how CROSS POLLINATION works? You will continue to get leads until your name is replaced? Sell 50 MLM MACHINE reports, and it is just a matter of time that you will have probably sponsored 50 people. Sell your leads as you generate them so your second level will be built. Once you "are on a roll," consider placing national ads since these will generate tons of fresh leads.

  9. Ask your upline for extra Leads. . . .Isn't that what uplines are for? If your unline is following this method, he probably will have a few extra leads to help you out. If he is selling these leads for $1, buy as many as you can. Explain to your downline where you are getting these leads and it will cost him an additional for your time and effort. What the heck. It's just a matter of principle. In my opinion, you (and I) should earn at least something for your time and effort, shouldn't you? And a good qualified lead that is being handled for him is worth every penny of $2.

  10. More on CROSS POLLINATION . . . Let's say that your organization is growing nicely and you have, say 200 people in it. These 200 people are into various combinations of the 95 offers made in this program. Now don't you think these 200 people would like to promote their programs to each other? What better potential customers and distributors can you possibly find?

Well, you can help and make some nice money doing it. What would happen if you were to make an offer to your 200 people that went something like this. "I will send out a little blurb on you and your offers that you are promoting to the other 199 people in this program. That way, you get to sell each other. You can bargain and trade. I will be glad to make this 199 piece mailing to you for only $30. That way, you can instantly expand your customer base and MLM organization." What a deal! Sounds good. . . .doesn't it? By making this mailing, your own downline sells within itself. Everyone gets stronger and your organization multiplies with the same number of people. So what else is in this for you? Well, you have to do a little typing, printing and mailing to get 200 pieces mailed. But, you get 200 x $30 = $6,000. Wow! That should pay for your printing and postage. Shouldn't it? Well, you think about that. It's a nice way to help everyone - including yourself!

You will find below a form that you can use to let us know if you would like to have your name and offers sent out to at least 200 other people in this program. When we have at least 200 people, we'll drop you a note and let you know we're about ready and ask for your payment at that time. Just let us know now if you are interested. The person's name that is in the block below is the person that will handle this. If you want to do the mailing for your downline, just replace the name below with yours. Simple isn't it?

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