How to Survive as a Mail Order Publisher

Most people already know, and if they don't know, they'll learn mighty fast that the survival of a mail order business depends on how much advertising you get out. The more you advertise - or the more advertising circulars you send out - the more order you're going to receive.

The problems is, however, the generally high cost of either advertising in the most widely-accepted publications or the printing and postage costs of direct mail. Understanding these inherent problems of the mail order business is almost always the basis for most "kitchen table" mail order publications and/or print and mail services.

In other words, instead of spending all that money on "hit or miss" advertising or dropping $300 per thousand on a direct mailing a lot of imaginative and energetic mail order operators start their own mail order advertising sheet - very similar to, and quite comparable to your local shopping news papers, all ads with very little if any editorial space. With your own ad sheet, you can include as many ads for yourself as you want and at the same time, carry advertising from other mail order dealers which will pay your basic printing and mailing costs, while at the same time, bring in a profit for the sharper operators.

Keeping in mind that everything costs money to get started, here's how you can cash in with your own mail order publication...

Put together an appealing package of offers. Include in your package an Inducement letter which outlines a MLM Program or some other high priced item, charge the recipient just $1 to find out if it's something he might like to grab onto... then there's the mailing list sales letter offering to sell mailing lists for as little as $15 per thousand... and then there's the Money Maker's Opportunity Library which offers to sell any of more than 40 How To Succeed in Mail Order Reports for just $2 each - We supply all the large mail order catalog houses such as Premier, Mitchell Enterprises, Helmac, and Independence House, plus a large percentage of the mail order dealers in this country... Be sure that the package of offers you put together is as new as you can get, and that the printing and paper are of the best quality you can get.

Along with this package of offers - remember: your package of offers should appeal in some way to everyone you send one to; and should be based long the lines of: if the left one doesn't get you then the right one will - include a dynamite sales letter inviting people to advertise in your ad sheet.

You make up your ad sheet - save a few of those you receive in the mail and take them to your printer and have him help you put it together in finished form. Then, when the advertising orders come in, simply place the camera ready ads on your ad sheet - print when full and mail out to all your advertisers plus at least the same number of names and addresses of mail order opportunity seekers. Actually, you should be sending your ad sheet with your follow-up or new offers to your regular customers; your package of offers with your ad sheet enclosed to the names and addresses of mail order people you see advertising in other ad sheets or other mail order publications.

For complete details and/or how-to instructions relating to ad sheet, format, layout, camera-ready ads and the "insider ticks" to putting together an ad sheet, send $2 to: "DISTRIBUTOR WHO SENT THIS REPORT."

Finally, remember what I told you at the beginning of this report: Unless you get the word out that you've got something the people want to buy - unless you advertise - you'll get no orders. What I'm saying here is that just because you fill up the space on your ad sheet with paid advertising, you must keep sending out advertising solicitation sales letters.

Once you've got all your space filled, you can either raise your rates - which isn't the best way to go - or you can start another ad sheet - same thing with a different name or masthead...

It's really no more work nor expense, but your profits will begin to really multiply when you've got eight or ten 8 1/2 x 11 2-sided ad sheets filled with paid advertising. Put them together with 16 spaces for one inch ads at $5 per inch - times 10 - equals $1,000 per 2-sided ad sheet. A lot of people are already doing it, and you can too, so think about it!

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