How to Capitalize on the Hidden Profits in Junk Mail

Don't just glance at your junk mail and throw it away! Save it - it can put extra money in your pockets! As a matter of fact, you can make some "easy" extra money with all your incoming mail...

First off, take a pair of scissors and clip off those cancelled postage stamps. Put them in a shoebox or envelope box and save them until you have a box full, and then send them in to either Fun Mates, PO Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101; DuVall Press, 920 West Grand River, Box 14, Williamston, MI 48895; or to any of the stamp collection outlets you see advertised in all the magazine and gossip-type papers. They'll pay you $15 to $20 for each box of stamps you send to them, and if they should find a "truly valuable" stamp in with those you send in, they'll pay you even more.

The next thing is to save all those envelopes after you've clipped off the stamps. Be sure that each of your envelopes has a return address in the upper left hand corner - if it doesn't, and you know the return address, write it in. Save these until you've accumulated a box full, and then send them in to either Prime Source Lists, 103 Washington St., Morristown, NJ 07960 or to the List Buyers Group, Manalpan 1000 Office park, Manalpan, NJ 07726. These companies will pay you $10 to $20 for each box of envelopes with return addresses - and a visible postmark - that you send to them.

From here, you simply save all the sales letters, advertising circulars, and other materials you receive - later on, you simply package it into 9 x 12 envelopes and send it out to people who pay you to send junk mail to them. Indeed, there are literally "millions" of people out there who will pay you to send them package of junk mail!

Here's how you make it work: Pick up a copy of all the mail order publications you can find - check the classifieds section specifically for people "selling big mails". When you spot one of these ads that looks especially appealing, clip it out, take it to the near-by print shop and have them type-set some kind of name, and your address "in over" the name and address on the ad you clipped out. Run the finished product through the copy machine a half dozen times - clip out and paste enough of these onto an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper to fill up the whole page - and then have 50 or a hundred of these sheets of ads either printed or copied for you. Take these home and save them until you're ready to advertise.

When that day comes, you simply clip out one of these ads, and along with your letter and payment requesting advertising space, you send it in to the publication you want to advertise in.

Back to all those mail order publications, you've collected... Check all those listings of "Big Mails Wanted", jot their names and addresses down on 3 by 5 index cards and file these in zip code order and alphabetically within zip codes. You then write a letter or make up a sale circular stating that you would like to supply these people with "Big Bundles" of Big Mail on a regular basis - about once every other month for $20 a year. Have a supply of these letters printed or copied for you, fold them up and send them off to each of the names you've collected of people interested in receiving Big Mails... Nothing to it, once you start the ball rolling, the orders will come in and all you'll have to do is: Keep looking for names of people wanting Big Mails; keep sending out your sales letters offering to send them bundles of big mail on a regular basis in exchange for whatever fee you want to charge; and then, fill up envelopes to these people with junk mail you've received and accumulated...

Once you've got your first orders, take some of the money and use it to place your ads in the mail order publications you've seen or know about. At the same time, besides getting your name on as many mailing lists as possible, send in a letter to the publications carrying lists of people wanting Big Mails and request that your name/address be added to their regular list.

How do you get your name on mailing lists? Take a stack of postcards and type or write out: Please send more information, and either print or type your name/address below it. Then you go through the ads carried in all the publications you want to wade through, and address one of these cards to each of these advertisers. Within just a few days after dropping these cards in the mail, you'll be inundated with all kinds of offers and opportunities - what most people call junk mail.

You can develop and/or refine this program even further by collecting/compiling and selling or renting the names from the people sending things to you in the mail - this is how many people compile the mailing lists they rent/sell - or you might want to make up a dynamite sales letter, offering to send a couple of hundred names per month to people interested in receiving names for their mail order business, for $50 to $100 per client per year. If you opt to pursue this line of development, your best bet will be to concentrate on selling all the small mail order publishers - again, much of the who and where can be compiled from your incoming mail...

Of course, if you've got a "red hot" line of products you're trying to sell by mail order, this little operation can just about pay for all your postage costs. You simply include one of your advertising circulars with each Big Mail package you send out. It works - Anyone can do it - So have at it, and the best of luck to you!

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