How Commission Circulars Can Make Money for You

Most everyone familiar with mail order would be introduced to or involved in the promotion of commission circulars. You've seen them before. You place an order for them and place your name in the "Order From" box. When orders come to you, you keep 50% of the money for your efforts and forward the order plus the remaining 50% of the money onto the "Prime Source," who will, in turn, dropship the order to the customer.

These work great if everyone does what they should. However, some people have found it necessary to even "cheat" with these. They will see a commission circular they want to promote. But instead of sending their order to the prime source to obtain a legitimate camera-ready copy, they simply place their name and address in the "Order From" box and begin advertising it.

What happens if you order from an individual or company who has done this? You probably won't get your order and the guy or gal will pocket your hard- earned money! What a waste!

Because the "cheater" normally will not know who the prime source is and who to forward any orders to (since they didn't respond in the proper manner), your order is tossed in the trash. This is bad business for you as well as the prime source who often times, does not even know this is happening. Fortunately, we personally receive a copy of almost everything that is being promoted and can usually identify this fraudulent behavior with our own commission circulars. However, we are fortunate to be able to keep "on top" of this activity. But there are prime source dealers who are being ripped-off everyday! Let's put a stop to it! How?

One way to combat this problem is to look the circular over for any major changes in the "type." If the circular appears to be tampered with (and there is no special membership number assigned) you should question it before sending in your money. You might even consider requesting the name of the prime source without the address to prove the validity of the circular if you want to spend the time.

Another way of combating commission circular fraud is by writing a letter to the advertiser requesting "more information" about the product before you place an order. Some people don't want to spend the time doing this because they might be "out of the mood" to place an order by the time they receive an answer. If you feel this way about a product, why even order it in the first place? You should never be placing an order just to spend money. Instead, it should always be for something you want and need. Besides, you only have to write a letter to people with products you REALLY want to purchase. After you have been in the business for awhile, and made a few contacts, you will normally know "what" and "who" to do business with.

It never ceases to amaze me what some people will do to cheat others out of $2 or $3. Can't someone use more of their brains and think up their own offer without stealing others? It's sad!

A professional con-artist would NEVER think of doing such a thing. A professional (and unfortunately smart) con-artist would play it safe on the small orders and wait to build their business up. Then, when they were generating $1,000's of dollars, they would go in for the big kill. Anybody that risks their business on $2 or $3 is a penny-ante dealer with nothing going for them but continual struggle and unnecessary problems they could have avoided.

Now please don't misunderstand me. I am in NO WAY trying to exalt a professional con-artist and tell you to be like him or her. These people create their own downfall in the end also. All con-games are short-lived and play havoc on your professional, personal and spiritual life. You may be laughing all the way to the bank now, but one day when you need someone to bring you a drink of water because you are ill, no one will be there for you. Your money will be gone, along with your "so-called" friends!

Commission circulars in mail order are a viable part of keeping the industry functioning. They provide a good money-making avenue for new businesses because they are promoting established products and services that sell well already. A prime source should support their dealers who participate in their commission circular programs. One way to support them is NOT to be their competition. Instead of running your ads, run their ads instead. Regardless of "who" gets the order, the prime source still gets a portion of the profits, right? And if you help your people sell your products and make a little money, you'll get more people signed up to sell for you!

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