Do You Sell By Mail Order? Here Are Some Tips to Help You!

Commission Dealers

If you see ads for the same opportunity you are trying to sell, invest a few dollars and have a typesetter design you a completely different looking ad from everyone else that will stand out and be noticed.

When you send your advertising order to a publisher, be sure to include a note that reads: If you have other advertisers selling the same thing I am, please return my ad and payment. This will give you a fighting chance with the competition.

Don't overlook the low-cost of classifieds. One great place to crank out classified ads nationally is National Mail Order Classified, PO Box 5, Sarasota FL 34230. (Send for their info package and include $2 for postage. It's a big package of stuff and contains everything you need.)

Don't limit yourself to advertising only in the inner circle. One way to tell is when you find a publication running the same ads and articles as another publication, they are paper-passing and your ad probably won't get much response.

Don't limit yourself to selling a money-making opportunity. Instead, try selling the product with no strings attached then sell the money-making opportunity to satisfied customers who want to make more money.

Continually strive to develop your own product. Commission dealerships are fine to use in developing marketing skills. But don't die there. Instead, look for a product that you personally are interested in selling. Then, if possible, develop your own similar product that's more improved.

Prime Source Dealers

Don't limit your product to having other dealers sell it as an opportunity. Try to sell it outright with no strings attached and as a full page ad on your own. Or run small classified ads giving away a Free Report which would be returned as sales literature containing good-quality information.

Continually strive to develop new ways to market your product or service. Play around with wording your ads, changing the price of the product slightly, offering extra freebies or not offering them, etc. When you find something that works for you, write down exactly what you did and let your dealers know. Educating them brings in lots more orders for you plus they will feel dedicated to you since they know you are working with them.

To me, owning and operating a home-based business is very important to me. Without it I would have to work full-time for someone else. If you love freedom learn the ways to achieve it in your life.

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