Mail Order Dealers Can Learn From Multilevel Marketer

After 7 years in business I still read almost every piece of mail I get. (I guess that shoots down those rumors and detailed instructions from people on how to get your envelope opened since I open them all.)

Also - I'm not involved in multi-level marketing (MLM) simply because I'm not motivated in that direction. I don't care if I could get $100,000 per month for sending out 100 flyers, I'd still lack the motivation it takes to be a winner in the MLM field. However, I still get MLM-related magazines and tabloids. I mean, we are all from the same "clan" are we not?

Multi-level marketing is a fantastic business. If you are the type of person that enjoys a lot of people contact and have a great product you believe in - multi-level marketing can work out great for you. There are people making $1,000's of dollars per month in commissions alone - but they worked hard for it. I prefer mail order though because it's slow-paced and more "people-oriented." Now, don't get me wrong. Multi-level marketing is "people-oriented" too, because a product is being sold to people. However, multi-level marketing is also a "money-making" industry that places great emphasis on building downlines and selling lots of product to meet the monthly criteria established by the main multi-level company.

Although the articles in multi-level publications are not related to mail order, they teach you about positive thinking that is needed in any type of business. You can pick up some good business tips whether you are in mail order, MLM or selling homemade pies at a garage sale. Business is business. Marketing is marketing. Selling is selling!

One such article I read a couple months ago was related to thinking like a millionaire. For instance, when most people are asked: "What would you do if you won $50?" they would say that they'd take their spouse or friend to dinner and a movie. When asked, "What would you do if you won $5,000?" most say they would buy a car, pay off old bills or take a trip. But when these people were asked, "What would you do if you won $2 million dollars?" they all said they would INVEST it.

The article went on to say, that if these people would only INVEST when it came to big money - how could they ever hope to achieve it? I mean, how can you ever accumulate $1 if you don't start saving the change? How can you save $120 per year if you don't start putting in $10 bills now?

Some of the best multi-level type publications on the market today are "Opportunity Connection," "FreEnterprise," and "Big Al's Recruiting Newsletter." In every issue you will find information that will help motivate you to sell your product and fantastic marketing tips that the professionals use. Multi-level marketing is truly a professional business. This is the place you will find new and exciting products that are not available locally. In fact - multi-level marketing firms produce some of the best products in the world.

Please don't confuse multi-level marketing with birthday clubs, chain-type schemes and those circulars that ask you to place your name and address in Position 1 and move all the other ones down before making copies. These pieces of "trash" will never make you a dime and if I could - I would outlaw their existence. They steal lots of money from many innocent people on a daily basis.

On the other hand - multi-level marketing is when you have a REAL product to sell. You build downlines (people who sell the same product under you) and you make commissions every time these people sell. But watch out for those matrix definitions too. Many people don't really understand them fully and just look at the bottom line of how much money they'll make. Also, many newcomers think that if they get a friend to sell products for them that they will earn commissions off every sale the friend makes. Sometimes this is true and other times it isn't. More often than not - you have to build a downline of 10 or 15 people before you start earning commissions, so make sure you know exactly how a particular multi-level marketing company works before you sink a lot of money and time into it and think the entire industry is a big waste.

Look over your business goals. Decide what you really like to do. Basing your decision on how much money you make won't cut it. You wouldn't decide to have children just because of the tax deduction you would receive would you? Well - you should never start a business for the sole purpose of making money. Instead - find something you enjoy doing that will make you money. When you love what you are doing, the money will flow naturally and you'll see a business emerge within a few years that you never dreamed could be possible. Have fun!

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