Money Making Ideas

How to Make Money Buying and Selling Used Cars and Trucks


Today, with the average consumer now spending up to $16,400 for a new car, consumers realize the importance of investing in lower priced used cars.

Tweaking Every Last Penny Out of Your Garage Sale


Garage sales are like any other form of business. To get the most money out of your garage sale, you have to know what you are doing. You have to be acquainted with the market, advertise for business, offer competitive prices and quality merchandise.

Garage Sale: How You Can Make It a Success


Like to exchange that gold mine of junk in your basement for a fistful of dollars? You can, by holding a garage sale.

How to Operate a Successful Garage Sale


First, set a date and time when you can devote your full time to this sale, for gathering up various articles as well as being able to attend the sale full time.

How to Turn Old Newspapers into Cash Dollars


Scan your newspapers every day for headlines and advertisement layouts that contain catchy or interesting phrases in bold, well-printed type. Clip these and file them. You may use printing that is either black and white, or red and white.

Start Your Own Mobile Locksmithing Service


The locks on the doors of most homes keep the skilled burglar out for about 30 seconds! This is especially true if the only thing slowing him down is a standard key-in-the-knob lock.

Start Your Own Roommate Finding Service


The average income for owners of this kind of business in California is $65,000 a year. Best of all, here's a business that you can start with an absolute minimum investment.

Start Your Own Party Plan Sales


Believe it! You can easily make $50,000 in the next six months or less! After that, you can practically be guaranteed at least that much, but probably much more, every year for the rest of your life, without, really working!

Start Your Own Bed and Breakfast Business


There's an exciting new "down-home" kind of business springing up among homeowners all across the country. It's called Bed and Breakfast.

Start Your Own Firewood Supply Business


Unpredictable fuel costs and the necessity of keeping warm in the winter have resulted in "boom sales" for manufacturers of wood-burning stoves.

Start Your Own Paper Recycling Business


One of the easiest - and in fact one of the oldest ways of making extra money - is by collecting old newspapers and selling them to a recycling plant in your locale.

Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business


There are two fairly new, and very important conditions existing in the world today that have not only made the carpet cleaning industry a "billion dollar business," but also practically guarantee your success as an entrepreneur in this field.

Start Your Own Residential Cleaning Service


House and apartment cleaning services are gaining in popularity. These are business services that are growing in demand as a result of more and more women seeking jobs outside the home.

How to Make a Fortune with a Used Book Store


Operating a used book store is a lot like owning a recycling center - not too glamourous until you take a look at the owner's bank account.

Start Your Own Catering Service


People with money seem to be on a binge to prove their status and flaunt their wealth by staging large, catered parties.

Are Commission Circulars Right for You?


Everyone that starts out learning the mail order business is normally introduced to Commission Circulars very early in the game. Commission Circulars are ads that are already typeset.

Quick and Easy Profits with Coupons


Look in your mailbox. What do you see almost every day? Coupons. Look in your newspaper. What do you see EVERY day? Coupons. It seems like coupons multiply like rabbits. Why? Prices are rising, unlike a majority of people's incomes.

Make Signature Loans Work for You


Here is another passport to success in taking advantage of a good deal or profitable transaction when it passes your way.

How to Make Money With Your Junk Mail


The term "junk mail" is a well-known term. To the common guy or gal on the street, "junk mail" to them is advertising flyers from the local grocery store and pizza shop that arrive in their mail every day.

How to Profit In Flea Marketing


On the outskirts of nearly every town across the U.S., especially in The spring, summer and fall, you will see a Flea Market set-up. Often there will be hundreds of trailers, booths and tables in a large field just off a major thoroughfare.