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Managing Your Time Between Work & Home


When you first begin your business, everything is fine and dandy. It's like bringing home the new baby from the hospital. Everyone visits to see the new baby. Everyone thinks the baby is cute and wants to hold it.

Secrets of the Richest People


Would you like to realize your goals? Maybe you'd like to run your own business, expand your material possessions, or succeed in the arts. There is no one path to the pot of gold, but many people of all backgrounds have successfully found it.

Signature Loans


Here is another passport to success in taking advantage of a good deal or profitable transaction when it passes your way.

What Makes an Entrepreneur Tick?


It is only natural that when you start a business, you are doing something different than most people.

The Problem with Multi-Level Marketing


What's so wrong with MLM? There are a lot of people who won't get involved with MLM plans because they lack the deep down enthusiasm that's needed for the long term in a MLM environment.

What Your Social Security Number Tells About You


Your social security number is a unique identification. You are the only person who has that number. But did you ever wonder what the numbers in your social security number mean?

What to do if Somebody Owes You Money


If you are owed money and have not received any payment over a reasonable period of time, there are several steps you can take to collect, even before going to the expense of hiring a collection agency or lawyer.

Why "Lottery Systems" Don't Work


It is very tempting to play the lottery. Just last week, there was a lottery in my area that had a grand prize of $110 Million! What you could do with all that money. Unfortunately, the odds of winning that prize were 1 in 54.9 Million.

Women and Credit


Many women complain about not having any credit. Those complaining are those who REALIZE that they do not have credit, single women or divorced women, specifically.

Camera Profits Using Your Camera for Extra Money


One of the easiest ways of making extra money is with a camera. More people own cameras than radios, and photography is the fastest growing hobby in the world. Yet using a camera as an extra income tool is largely overlooked!

Bed and Breakfast: The Easiest Home-Based Business


There's an exciting new "down-home" kind of business springing up among homeowners all across the country. It's called Bed and Breakfast.

Checklist of Questions to Answer Before You Buy a Franchise


Franchise businesses such as Wendy's, McDonald's and Jack-In-The-Box are booming. The people setting up franchise ideas and businesses know a good thing, and are really promoting this idea.

Basics of Promotion Advertising


Promotion advertising differs significantly from consumer franchise-building advertising. The latter is long-term in nature and aimed at giving customers reasons to buy. Promotion advertising is short-term.

Garage Sale Promoting: For Quick, Easy Money


Pick almost any city or town in the country, drive through any middle class neighborhood or residential area on the weekend, and you're sure to spot at least a half dozen garage sales.

Cleaning Up Profits


The continuing growth of families with two paychecks is a good indication that maid services are booming. Two paychecks also mean that time is limited for busy families.

Bartering: Your Expertise and Services are Worth Big Bucks


Bartering is not negotiating! Bartering is "trading" for a service, or for the goods you want. In essence, bartering is simply buying or paying for goods or services using something other than money (coins or government printer paper dollars).

All-Cruise Travel Club


Minimum Start-Up: $500 Average Start-UP: 10,000 Revenue: $25,000 - $250K Profits: $10,000/Month One Person Business: Yes

An Excellent Customer Service Tip


So often we forget that our customers are our boss. I think I discovered one significant reason why most of us fall into this "rut." The day we began our business we were as happy as could be. The customer was king!

Advertising Ad Sheets = Big Profits


Publishing and distributing a mail order ad sheet can be very profitable. They are simple and easy to produce, with most quick print shops able to handle the printing at fairly low cost.

Aerobics Classes: Dancing for Profit


Although the national obsession for group exercise has begun to level off, estimates claim 23 million Americans participate in aerobics in health clubs and exercise gyms.


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