4 Ways to Make the Biggest Earnings as the "Prime Source"


New ideas pay the biggest dividends in ANY business - INCLUDING mail order. if you can think of something that is new, different and has "mass appeal", you will probably make more money than anyone else. When you make such new ideas available, you become the "prime source". There are four ways to pocket the biggest profits this way - with very little effort!

1. Write Something that Everyone Wants to Buy & Read

Good, honest information is one of the mail order's top sellers! There are thousands of "HOW TO" books, reports, folios, etc. on sale, but there's always room for more fresh ideas. Especially if you can come up with some new way to increase income, save money, or save time. Let us say you write a 1-page report, which you can sell for at least $1.00. To have 100 copies offset printed will cost you $3 to $4. The retail value of 100 copies is $100! Deduct your printing cost and your profit is between $96 and $97! If you write several dozen such 1-page reports, and they all sell well, can you see the tremendous potentials?

You will have to spend some money for advertising. But you can cut this down by offering the reports to other dealers on a dropship basis, let's say on a 50% commission. Then they do all the work and you collect 50 cents on every sale. Since it cost you only 3 cents to 4 cents to have each report printed, your profit is still 46 cents to 47 cents on every sale!

2. Buy the "Reprint" Reproduction Rights

Here, you become the owner by paying for the right to reproduce someone else's materials...or you can do this too! Let us say you offer the reprint rights to other dealers for 42 or $3 for your 1-page report. Then your profits are still greater, and the dealer has the right to reprint your report, with his own name as the "publisher".

It is always wisest to "copyright" everything you write. Then, if anyone steals your idea, you can sue for "copyright infringement" and force the thief to pay almost any amount you decide, or take him to court.

3. Become the Dropshipper for a Hot Selling Item

Many suppliers need reliable dealers that will sell their merchandise on a commission basis... Commissions can range from 50% up.. You then do the advertising by distributing circulars, which are generally provided free, and have as many copies printed as you wish with your name inserted as the as supplier. When cash-in-advance orders arrive, you keep your commission and send the balance on to the prime source. He will dropship direct to your customers. Many such dealers also offer "wholesale discounts". this is when you buy in quantity lots &fill order yourself for bigger profits.

4. Become a Dealer for the "Prime Source"

Offer the prime source's products to other dealers for a smaller commission. In other words, give some of of your commission to others. In this way, your dealers and the prime source do all the work and you are only the "middle man".. And all you have to do is collect your commission and forward the orders on. You pocket extra $$$ for every little effort!

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