Letter Writing for Profit


An Ohio woman earns a part-time income writing long personal letters to prisoners, shut-ins and service people. Her clients: families and friends of the individuals who explain the likes and dislikes of the people she writes to, and she corresponds with them along these lines. She advertises her services in nation tabloids and charges a few dollars per letter. This must be a very rewarding service!

Several small concerns in the US and Canada do fairly well by drafting custom letters. Among their requests are love and hate letters, eviction notices, prank letters, "Dear John" letters, termination notices, even notifications of damage done to a friend or neighbor's property. In short, they specialize in writing letters that their clients for one reason or another, would rather not write themselves. They also make phone calls for the same reasons.

Custom letters such as these can fetch from $10 to $50 depending on the subject matter, research and risk involved. The best clients are office workers, executives, salesmen, professionals and secretaries, people who know the value of a well-turned phrase. If you're handy with a word and would like to try this, you may have to advertise heavily and provide a bit of complimentary service until you become established, as this is a most unusual and little known service.

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