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How to Catch More and Bigger Fish

How to Catch More and Bigger Fish

How to Grow Fish Bait at Home with No Effort

Mealworms are easy to grow at home. These come in two sizes - small and giant. I like the small's, but I have a buddy who grows the giant's. Get a new 5 gallon bucket (no lid). Buy these from your fast-food places for around $1.00.

Professional Bass Fisherman's Secret Treatment for Fishing Lines and Reels

WD40!! Yes, WD40!! I used to put new lines on my reels every week, cleaned them after each trip. I bought bulk spools of 3,000 yards of line, because I was fishing a tourney each week.

Stop Losing Those Fish

I didn't hit anything or pull my bait through rocks, so how did it get that way? Your guess is as good as mine. During the winter's long nights, go through and resharpen everything.