I Want to Change and Make More Money

But Where Do I Begin

Okay, you and I are in full agreement that we need to CHANGE the ways we are doing things in order to make more money. Like you, I run my own small business from home. I write these reports but don't really make much money. (My distributors and people who sell the reports I write make more money than I do.)

So let's use me as an example. Perhaps you can apply the same rules I use in the self-analyzation of my own self to help your own particular circumstance. Let's get started.

Step 1

An event has occurred (I don't make as much money as I would like writing these reports). Therefore, I realize that a CHANGE needs to take place in order for me to make more money.

What can I do to achieve that goal?

  1. I could write some new reports and sell them to distributors. This would bring in an extra income very quickly -- often within a week.

  2. I could advertise nationally and try and sign up more distributors. (This would increase my number of distributors and I'd make more money by selling them new reports as they are developed.)

  3. I could turn articles into reports that were published in old "GrapeVines" I used to write. This would be a NEW product.

  4. I could write some longer reports and turn them into small booklets.

  5. I could choose a specific topic and write a book about it. (I've already written 16 books, but I could write some more.)

  6. I could advertise to sell the reports myself, under my own name, and hopefully sell more.

Can you think of any other options? For the time being, though, we'll work with just these six different options I have mentioned.

Now, let's begin analyzing each one.

Number 1 from my list would work temporarily. However, it wouldn't continue working on its own. Besides, my money goals are to make four times the amount I am making now. I would have to write ten new reports every two or three days to make the money I need. This option, therefore, wouldn't work.

Number 2 would work. Of course, it will take some time to advertise and get new distributors. Therefore, this would be a great long-term goal.

Number 3 would probably work. (That's what I am in the process of doing now in my office.)

Number 4 might work. But it's more of a gamble than #3 and would require the time and money of advertising and marketing the new product.

Number 5 might work, but again -- it would require more time than #3.

Number 6 could work, but it could interfere with the sales my distributors are making. If my distributors stop making money, they'll stop selling my reports. Since, combined, they can reach more people and educate them than I myself can do, I certainly don't want to take the option available in #6.

Therefore, from the list mentioned earlier, #2 and #3 would be the best choices at this time.

Step 2

All I need to do now is act upon the decision I have made. That's all there is for you to do in order to begin making the change you want in your life. Let's summarize:

  1. Make a list of possible solutions.

  2. Analyze how each solution would work if enacted and what change might take effect.

  3. Choose the best possible solution that makes you the happiest.

  4. Put that solution into effect by enacting procedures to make it fact.

Perhaps you can't even come up with a list of possible solutions to choose from right now. That's why it is vitally important for you to find people who can help give you ideas.

Where can you turn? My suggestion would be an established, unbiased organization in mail order that understands almost every conceivable problem in business. Good luck!

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