49 Ways for a Handy Person to Make Money


  1. Building shelves
  2. Stripping furniture
  3. Floor refinishing
  4. Making stereo cabinets
  5. Making two-way pet doors
  6. Designing closets
  7. Refinishing and rebuilding furniture
  8. Building patios
  9. Building fences
  10. Building secret compartments
  11. Framing pictures
  12. Making knives
  13. Caning chairs

Painting and Decorating

  1. Painting houses
  2. Whitewashing
  3. Hanging wallpaper
  4. Wall decorating with rollerwall


  1. Graffiti removal
  2. Janitorial service
  3. Window-washing service
  4. Fish tank cleaning service
  5. Carpet cleaning service
  6. Chimney sweep service
  7. Door-to-door car wash service
  8. Mini-blind cleaning/ installation
  9. Exterminator service


  1. Glass etching
  2. Weather stripping
  3. Repairing vinyl
  4. Recycling tires
  5. Gym and locker maintenance
  6. Pool maintenance service
  7. Upholstering
  8. Building barbecues
  9. Grocery cart maintenance
  10. Golf club renewal service
  11. Curb - painting house numbers
  12. Garden statue repair service
  13. Auto parking service
  14. Parking lot striping service
  15. Driveway sealing service
  16. Spray painting cars and trucks
  17. Doll hospital
  18. Screen and storm window service
  19. Building carports
  20. Changing patios into porches
  21. Dog cleaning and clipping service
  22. Boarding kennel for pets
  23. Cemetery maintenance service

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