How to Make Money Placing Classified Ads

With many small mail order publications, the cost of classified ads is extremely reasonable. The trick is that you have to run several to pay off any money unless the publication is not dominated by classifieds. Otherwise, people will simply skim them over and more than likely miss your ad. Therefore, before advertising in any publication, make sure you write and request a sample copy. This way, you'll know up front how noticeable your classified ad will be. You also will know the length of classified ad to run.

For example, if most of the ads are short, you can run a longer one and be noticed easier.

Probably the most effective classified advertising is in national publications like The National Enquirer, Star Magazine and Small Business Opportunities. But who has enough money to pay for a classified ad in these when the rates are $6 to $10 per word? You do! That's right! Now there is a way that almost everyone can appear in these highly-circulated and target-marketed publications for $50 or less!

First of all, get yourself a Voice Mail Box. You can get these through a wide variety of places but I personally use American Voice Mail. (Contact them by calling 1-800-347-2861 or by writing them directly at 2233 Barry Ave, Los Angeles CA 90064.) You don't have to live in California to establish service with them. You don't have to go through a credit check or have valid telephone service. You can even have a PO Box with no street address. Anyone can establish a Voice Mail Service. There are no previous requirements.

Simply call them up and establish your Voice Mail Box over the phone. It will be activated within 24-hours and the charge is around $10 per month. You also have to pay the first and last month's charges within 10 days after establishing your Voice Mail Box, but $20 is very little to invest for the convenience and marketing advantage that will now be open to you! Once your Voice Mail Box has been turned on and your payment received the company will mail you information on accessing your Voice Mail Box and how to leave a message on it.

Now start placing classified ads asking people to call your Voice Mail Box number instead of sending in $1 or a first-class stamp for more information (like you do in your ads now.) When they call, you will have a recorded message describing your product or service in more detail. At the end of the message, you will ask the person to leave their name and address so you can mail them additional information with an order form. Now, 24-hours a day, your Voice Mail Box service will be working for you. Once or twice a day, you can call the Voice Mail Box yourself and retrieve your messages (this doesn't cost you anything.) Write down the names and addresses and immediately send them follow-up materials as promised.

You would be amazed how effective this form of marketing really is. The call doesn't cost you anything and you have up to 2 minutes on your recording to tell the caller more about what you're selling. It sure saves classified word space and cost, plus, callers are more excited about your product or service when they hear a "real" voice telling them about it. You'll get a lot of fantastic leads and increased business!

Here are a few examples of classified ads you can run in national publications that will draw inquiries for you:

Start your own publishing business.

Call (number) Make money with me.

Call (number) Free business information.

Call (number) Start a real business.

Call (number) Free gift.

Just call (number) Make $1,000's.

Call (number) Stay home and make money.

Call (number)

Of course it depends on the product you are trying to sell. You want to make your ad generalized so a lot of people will call it and listen to your message. You can qualify them and eliminate people not interested in your product or service because when they call, you'll tell them everything you wanted to say in a classified. If they listen to the entire message and leave their name and address to receive your materials, they are probably interested in what you have to sell.

However, don't be too generalized. If your product is bookkeeping services, say "Low-cost Bookkeeping services. Just call (number)." If you offer items for re-sell, say "Distributors needed for new product. Call (number)." And if you sell gift-type items, say "Free gift catalog. Call (number)." After you test a few out first in the low-cost publications, you'll be ready for the big time! Have fun!

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