How to Rake in Profits as a "Circular Mailer"

The simplest way to start making money in mail order is to become a "mailer" of commission circulars. It's easy - no previous experience is needed. You can earn good profits by working just a few hours a day.

Very little investment is required. About all you have to buy are stamps, envelopes, a rubber stamp with your name and address, and a stamp pad. There's no inventory - you don't have to stock a single item. And the circulars you will be mailing are generally free of charge, or for postage, or a small $1 or $2 fee.

You will also need names of people to mail the circulars to, It is not a good idea to copy them from a phone book. You can buy names from firms that specialize in selling mailing lists. But you can also get free mailing lists!

This is How the Program Works

Most suppliers will provide you with all the free circulars you care to mail, for a very good reason. True, the more you mail, the more you can earn. But also, the more circulars you mail, the more dealers can earn!

The circulars supplied are generally printed on both sides. One side is for you; the other side for the dealer. On your side, there is a blank space where you can write or rubber stamp your name and address. This is the side that pays you a commission - usually 50% or 75% of the sale.

But some will pay you as much as 100% You keep the full amount you receive.

The other side of the circular is the dealer's side. Any sale resulting from this side goes directly to the dealer or "prime source".

Drop-Shipping and How It Works

Earlier we mentioned that when you become a circular mailer,you do not have to invest in any type of inventory by stocking merchandise. This is where "drop-shipping" enters the picture.

When a customer send you an order, the supplier fills it. All you do is deduct your commission and send the balance to the dealer.. in other words, for a $100 sale that pays a 75% commission, you keep $7.50 and send the remaining $2.50 to the dealer. On sales that pay 100% commission, you keep the entire sale. (sometimes the dealer requests you send a few postage stamps for shipping the ordered item to your customer),

In many cases, the supplier also asks that you provide him with a shipping label (available from variety and stationery stores) or stamped envelope.. You write or rubber stamp your name and address as the sender, dealer. In cases where you send a label, write on the back of it the name of the item ordered. For envelopes, write this information inside the envelope flap.. This prevents mix-ups.

The reason for your providing the pre-addressed label or envelope is to make it appear that the merchandise is being sent directly by you.

The amount of money you can earn as a circular mailer depends upon you.. The more time you devote to mailing commission circulars, the better your opportunities for earning a greater income

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