66 Ways to Make Money with Handicrafts

Using Wood

  1. Make house signs

  2. Make walking canes

  3. Refinish old-fashioned children's desks

  4. Mass-produce quality chopping blocks

  5. Make wicker baskets

  6. Hand-carve picture frames

  7. Make wooden greeting cards

  8. Specialize in creating quality doll palaces

  9. Build miniature furniture for dollhouses and adult collectors

  10. Create decorative birdhouses

Using Cloth and Natural Fibers

  1. Knit personalized sweaters

  2. Specialize in batik wearing apparel

  3. Tie-dyeing

  4. Make old-fashioned quilts

  5. Make quilts that tell a story

  6. Sell macramé products from home, a shop, or mail order

  7. Custom rug making

  8. Create doll clothes and restore old dolls

  9. Create unique ethnic and character dolls

  10. Produce custom-made sandals

  11. Make personalized leather snap-on bracelets

From Gourds

  1. Create eating and drinking utensils from gourds

  2. Make lamps with gourds

  3. Make gourd planters

  4. Make gourd totem poles

  5. Create gourd creatures

  6. Create birdhouses from gourds

From Miscellaneous Materials

  1. Make face masks

  2. Make copper cameos from photographs

  3. Make babies' hand plaques

  4. Make dolls with faces similar to their owners

  5. Molding and casting faces

  6. Dry flowers

  7. Make book-safes: hollowed-out books for hiding valuables

  8. Make personalized coffee mugs

  9. Make jewelry from beads or seashells

  10. Make bulletin boards

  11. Embellish and redecorate household products

  12. Make salt and pepper shakers from cow horns

  13. Make custom wastebaskets

  14. Create miniature replicas of antiques out of wood or ivory

  15. Crate giant replicas of small insects

  16. Decorate decanter stoppers with small clay caricatures of people

  17. Offer natural tattooing with sun stencils

  18. Make ceramic plaques of newborn infants' foot or hand prints

  19. Make lamps from wine jugs, seashells, etched metal, rocks, transparent plastic, etc.

  20. Make money from mobiles

  21. Make mosaics to decorate functional items

  22. Make ceramic lawn decorations

  23. Manufacture sundials

  24. Make costume jewelry

  25. Make weather vanes

  26. Make unusual products from seashells

  27. Manufacture terrariums

  28. Make and sell bottled boats

  29. Tint and sell pussy willows

  30. Decorate penny match boxes

  31. Make bottle gardens

  32. Create novelty bottles

  33. Manufacture stained glass windows

  34. Make sculpture candles

  35. Gift wrapping service


  1. Operate a crafts marketplace

  2. Operate a crafts consignment shop

  3. Become a sales agent for handicrafts

  4. Sell handicrafts at fairs

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