Special Companies that Will Pay You Up to $100,000 Monthly for Doing Almost Nothing

So Simple Anyone Can Do It

Recently I investigated a special money-making venture that is so simple to operate I just had to pass it on you. The fact of the matter is you will get paid for doing practically nothing!

The venture is promoting 900# services. I'm sure you're familiar with the television commercials advertising the "psychic line," "date line,' "talk other similar pay-per-call services. Several years ago, the phone companies (AT&T, SPRINT and MCD started providing special lines for pay-per-call services.

I had occasions to talk to many people in the 900 number industry and what I discovered was absolutely astounding. Many people are making upwards of $100,000 monthly by promoting their 900#. I grossed $28,000 my very first month and had no inkling about what I was doing.

You should call each of the three long-distance carriers - AT&T, MCI, and SPRINT and ask to speak to their 900# representative. tell them you want to set up a 90# line. You will find their representatives very friendly and helpful. Some may refer you what is called a "service bureau" which is a third company that will put you on line and often assist you in promoting the number.

You become what is known as an "information provider" or IP for short. Thus, people call your number for their psychic reading, horoscope, for information, weather, sporting news - just about anything imaginable. Some of the service bureaus already have "pre-packaged" programs already set up for you to run. All you have to do is tell them you want to get started.

Basically, your only job is to spend one hour a month placing a few ads in publications to advertise your 900#. The rest is automatic. People will call a 900# to get valuable information because they know they can get it instantly via telephone. You bypass the slow mail,, and you have a way of getting paid even from people who don't have credit cards. That's the beauty of it.

This is a venture where you make money simply by letting people know you have a special phone number they call. Believe me, I've seen the computer Reports, I know people are making an incredible amount of money with 900 numbers. This is it. Get started today!

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