71 Ways for a Writer to Make Money

General Writing

  1. Copywriting for television commercials

  2. Copywriting for radio commercials

  3. Copywriting for newspaper and magazine ads

  4. Professional letter writing

  5. Creating plots for other writers

  6. Writing correspondence courses

  7. Travelling writer

  8. Newspaper feature writing

  9. Writing for weekly tabloids

  10. Writing humor

  11. Writing greeting cards

  12. Writing witty sayings for bumper stickers

  13. Writing fillers for newspapers and magazines

  14. Ghost writing

  15. Script writing for movies

  16. Scrip writing for television

  17. Writing plays

  18. Resume service

  19. Writing non-fiction

Freelance Writing For

  1. Daily newspapers

  2. Professional journals

  3. Consumer magazines

  4. Confessional magazines

  5. Poetry magazines

  6. Fiction magazines

  7. Farming-dairy-poultry-livestock journals

  8. Technical journals

  9. Manufacturers' trade journals

  10. Retail trade journals

  11. Sports magazines

  12. Teenagers' magazines

  13. Children's magazines

  14. Gag magazines

Writing a Newspaper Column On

  1. Crafts

  2. Art

  3. Celebrities

  4. Street interviews

  5. Travelling

  6. 25, 50, 100 years ago today

  7. Local street names

  8. Gossip column

  9. Personal problems

  10. Gardening

  11. Cooking

  12. New products

  13. Child care

  14. For teenagers

  15. Children's question-and -answer

  16. With humor and jokes

  17. Sport

  18. Pets

  19. Shopping

  20. Cars

  21. Hunting and fishing

  22. Do-it-yourself


  1. A newsletter

  2. Sportsmen's bulletin

  3. Bulletin for the handicapped

  4. Apartment bulletin

  5. Club bulletin

  6. A tourist guide

  7. Restaurant guide

  8. A home-business guide

  9. Part-time and free-lance help directory

  10. Teachers' yearbook

  11. Small newspaper

  12. Magazine


  1. Proof reading

  2. Free-lance editing

  3. Become an author's agent

  4. Teaching English

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