What Can I Do? I Don't Have Any Money!

This may be the most important report you will ever read. 87.6% of all of us start a home business without much working capital. And even if you do start out with a lot of money, one day you will experience a time when you don't have any money. Just always remember that money is only a vehicle to get the things you want. It is only ONE avenue -- there are thousands of other ways. And if you're lucky enough to be poor (like I am), you will find that it helps you in many ways not to have money. How? Because you have to use your creative talents (or develop them) in order to find other avenues that do NOT include money transactions. There are literally thousands of them. Here are a few:


Low-cost or no-cost advertising is simple to get. Just write a short press release about the product you are selling. Include a free sample (if possible) and send the press release to as many tabloid and mail order publishers as you can. A press release will often bring you better advertising results than paid space advertising.

Upgrading Computer Equipment

When you first begin your business, don't go out and invest $2,000 or more in computer equipment right away. Instead, look through your local "Penny Saver" and purchase a 386 or better system for 50% to 80% savings. However, if you need to upgrade your computer (but don't have the money), then do the upgrade yourself. Not only will you learn something new, but you can save a lot of money. Talk to people who are knowledgeable about computers or read books on upgrades. Do it yourself! Save thousands of dollars. (It's not that difficult to upgrade computer systems. Often it's just a matter of removing the cover and plugging in the new component.)


Tired of messing around with shareware and try-before-you-buy software that never does the job you want? For your safety, try to stick with just two major programs. Don't go crazy purchasing 10 or 12 different software programs until you have more money coming in the business. Often an inexpensive program like PC-File (from Buttonware) will do the trick for keeping track of your money transactions. And a low-cost word processing program like PC-Write (or the Notepad in your Windows software) will be all a small business needs to get off and running.

Typewriters and Copiers

Again, consult your local "Penny Saver." I still use the typewriter I purchased over nine years ago for $10 at a flea market. It's not the best in the world, but I saved $200 or more compared to purchasing a new one.


For me, this was the hardest item for me to afford when I started my business. That's why I developed the "No Fail Stamp Program" in an effort to keep stamps coming in the door weekly. It worked, but not everyone can start a stamp program. Instead, you can request $1 plus four first-class stamps in your ads. Use the $1 to fill the orders and keep the four first-class stamps in your desk drawer. You'll be amazed how fast they add up.

Office Supplies

Paper, pens, staples, notepads, envelopes, etc. can all be purchased cheaply. Don't spend $40 for envelopes pre-printed with your name and address right now if you can't spare the money. Instead, just buy some inexpensive copier labels, type your name and address on the master sheet and run copies onto peel-n-stick labels. Use these as a return address on a white envelope and you're in business. (500 envelopes normally cost $5 to $6. That beats $1.29 for only 50 at the grocery store.)

There are literally thousands of other shortcuts AND just as many ways to use "alternative" money to accomplish the goals you hope to achieve now.

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