53 Practical Ways to Fight High Grocery Prices

  1. Learn to cook intelligently. Invest in a good, inexpensive cookbook.
  2. Plan all meals in advance.
  3. Cook only as much food as your family will consume at each meal.
  4. Cook slowly. Do not overcook. This prevents vitamin & mineral losses.
  5. Save and make use of all leftovers. Start collecting leftover recipes.
  6. Serve smaller portions. Eat less, stay slimmer...and healthier.
  7. Eliminate fancy, fattening, expensive desserts.
  8. Give children smaller portions and teach them not to waste food.
  9. Pet food is expensive. Train your cat and dog to eat leftovers.
  10. Avoid "fad" and junk foods consisting of empty calories.
  11. Cut down on all sweets, white flour products and fatty foods.
  12. Stop smoking. Drink juices instead of alcoholic beverages.
  13. Don't drive many miles to save a few pennies at a certain store.
  14. Use powdered milk instead of fresh milk.
  15. Beat high coffee prices by drinking tea - and save about half.
  16. Take your lunch to work.
  17. Watch "open dating" on perishables and avoid buying outdated, spoiled food.
  18. Become a "comparison shopper". Buy "specials" from several stores.
  19. If you don't have one, invest in a new or good used freezer.
  20. Read labels. Remember that ingredients are listed in order by weight.
  21. Purchase only what you will use and eat everything you buy.
  22. Visit your grocer as LEAST often as possible.
  23. Trade money-saving recipes with friends, relatives, neighbors.
  24. When grocery shopping, carry a list and stick to it!
  25. Shop only on a FULL stomach. Never when hungry.
  26. Never take children grocery shopping with you.
  27. Clip, save and use "store coupons". Trade those you don't need.
  28. Watch for grocery store "sale" ads and shop the store's specials.
  29. Watch the cash register when checking out. Errors can be costly.
  30. Buy your favorite foods in the largest size containers available.
  31. Buy cheaper "store" or "house" brands.
  32. Avoid the supermarket's "gourmet" section.
  33. Stock up on genuine bargains.
  34. Ignore advertisements for "new" or "improved" convenience products.
  35. Avoid all convenience foods and items with long lists of additives.
  36. Stock up on "in season" foods.
  37. Pocket big savings by using more poultry in your menu.
  38. Avoid non-nutritious foods, junk foods, sugary foods, soft drinks, etc.
  39. Dine out less often. When you do, take home leftovers in a "doggie bag".
  40. Grow some of your own herbs, fruits, vegetables.
  41. Avoid convenience stores. They're more expensive.
  42. Ask store personnel to steer you to the "best buys".
  43. Buy your favorite foods by the case and ask for discounts.
  44. Make your own soups, bakery goods, ice cream, yogurt, coleslaw, jams, etc.
  45. Buy unsliced cheese and sandwich meats. Slice them yourself and save.
  46. Look for damaged merchandise and ask for price reductions: dented cans, crushed cartons, outdated bakery goods, bruised produce, etc.
  47. Buy ONLY food items from your grocery. Buy non-food items elsewhere.
  48. Serve a balanced diet and you won't have to spend on vitamins.
  49. Buy "in season" produce from local farmer's fields, gardens, orchards.
  50. Compare prices of foods in various forms - canned, frozen, fresh and dried. Buy the least expensive.
  51. Observe "unit pricing". Compare weights before deciding.
  52. Before checking out, weed out the items you don't need.
  53. Limit snacks at home to popped corn, fruit & vegetables.

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