How to Retire but Not be Obsolete

Many Americans have a goal to retire, often around the age of 62 or age 65. However, with proper planning and investment, a goal to retire at an earlier age can be attained. And this is where things can get tricky. Along with planning, there is a lot of advice to be given. Unfortunately, it is not always the best advice. Tips and ideas which worked well years ago are not always applicable in today's economy. In fact, some familiar money tips could actually jeopardize your future.

In this time & age, it takes new rules to become wealthy, and many old rules have to be reviewed against the backdrop of today's economics. For example, the idea that working hard for an employer will reward you with a financially solid retirement is about as true as a three-dollar bill. The current environment for the corporation is really set up to look out for the corporation first. Buzzwords like "down-size" and "re-engineer", often done without regard to the employee's well-being, make us weary of the true value of working for someone else.

This is why entrepreneurship is getting a lot of attention in today's America. But, aside from starting a business, you need to know how to manage your money if you want to make it last. How you earn it is one thing, what you do with it is another. This special software outlines FINANCIAL MYTHS that need to be revisited, re-evaluated, or dumped for good.

For example, one of the biggest myths in business is: "Own Your Business For Life". That myth can cost you a lot of disappointment. Imagine someone owning a Typewritter Repair Shop in today's market? Here, we explore how you can build and sell a new business every three years, never become obsolete, and make a ton of money.

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