Marketing and Advertising

The Dos and Don'ts of Profitable Mail Order Ads


Regardless of how you look at it, the most important aspect of any successful mail order business is its advertising. In fact, mail order success is wholly dependent, and even predicated upon good advertising.

Tips on Selling Stuff to Make Money


Although it's been said time and time again -- your advertising must point out the benefits to the customer instead of you. However, lots of people still don't do it and subsequently lose a lot of sales. Let's look at some examples:

Free Advertising for Your Business


There are many legitimate ways to get discount advertising, and many ways to get so-called "free" advertising.

Writing an Effective Press Release


The word "Press Release" seems to scare most people to death. On top of that not many people take the time to even think of writing their own Press Release.

How Information Overloading Works


There are many schools of thought on how to write a successful direct-response ad, letter or brochure. Some say you need to be subtle, some say be harsh, some say be round-about, some say be direct.

ABCs of How to Compile, Maintain & Sell "Red Hot" Name Lists


Virtually every inquiry or buyer's name ultimately ends up on a mailing list. Some are small lists, while others contain millions of names. Some are meticulously maintained, while others are carelessly handled.

A Dozen and One Ways to Reduce Postage


Note: It is false economy to not send a SASE when making inquiries of other dealers. You are more likely to receive an answer much more quickly and it improves business relations.

When, Why and How to Use Mailing Lists


Mailing lists may be the cause of more heartbreaks than any other single factor in mail order. A poorly chosen list, a weak mailing and the high cost of mailing to a list can tax the optimism of a new dealer very, very quickly.

Twenty-One Envelope Tricks


When your envelopes aren't opened, you can't make money! Before you can get an order, the recipient of your mailing package must first open the envelope.

How to Write a Power Packed Sales Letter


Ninety percent of you who will read this report will at some time get involved in marketing by direct or response mailing.

Million Dollar Sales Letters for Your Own Use and Profit


Selling by mail can be the easiest and least expensive method of selling your services or commodities. It can also be the most difficult and the most expensive method of doing the job.

Using Your Products as a Prop in a Movie or a TV Show


Casual advertising is one of the most effective way to present your product to the market, and by placing them as props in movies or TV shows, your product is exposed to a wide audience based, and with some implied level of endorsement.

Secrets of Getting Free Advertising


The opportunities for getting free advertising for your product or services are limited only by your own imagination and energies.

Producing Restaurant Placemats as an Advertising Medium


The concept is simple: Give free paper placemats to restaurants in your area with either a prominent color ad or their menu in the middle, and two-inch by two-inch ads around the edge.

Coop Sweepstakes: the Prize is Always Right


Giving away a prize as an incentive to sell a product or solicit a donation is a time-tested marketing ploy that never fails. The only problem is that the market has become oblivious to sweepstakes.

The Inside Secrets of Free Publicity for Your Business


Product publicity is the "secret pathway" to business success everyone wants. In simple terms, product publicity is a kind of advertising that costs you nothing, yet brings in the orders for you.

How to Use Customer Response Card


We all do it. If we get good service or order a product we like, we order from the company again.

How to Publish Advertising Circulars for Big Profits


Don't be taken in by those "big headline" advertisements promising you instant riches as a Circular Mailer! It just doesn't work that way...

Referral Cards Work


Any business' best resource is the customer who's already done business with them. This customer will be the one who provides return business, and refers new business. How can you insure that you get those referrals, though?

Basics of Promotion Advertising


Promotion advertising differs significantly from consumer franchise-building advertising. The latter is long-term in nature and aimed at giving customers reasons to buy. Promotion advertising is short-term.