Mail Order Business

How to Have Fun with Mail Order and Maybe Make Some Money


First off, you can have a lot of fun with mail order even if you don't make a lot of money. It is something that can be done at home, by anyone regardless of their physical condition as long as they can read and write.

The Mail Order Beginner's Business Guide


The "Mail Order" business is not a business of itself, but is another way of DOING business. Mail Order is nothing more or less than selling a product or service via advertising and the offers you send out by mail.

An Easy Start to Mail Order


Listing names of Big Mail Requestors, and sending out packages of Big Mail is an easy way to get your start in the business of selling by mail.

73 Mail Order Success Secrets


Successful mail order firms make every effort to personalize their mail!

Big Money with Folios


One of the easiest, if not the easiest, ways of getting started with a profitable mail order business of your own is through the promotion and sale of money-making folios or reports.

Selling by Mail Order


This publication provides basic information on how to run a successful mail order business. It includes information on product selection, pricing, testing, writing effective advertisements, etc.

The Complete Streamlined Guide to Selling Information by Mail


Selling special reports is the hottest sellers in mail order to come along in many years and the best part is that you become your own prime source publisher.

Insider's Secrets of the Mail Order Wholesale Book Business


The real profit in selling books by mail is by having dealers sell for you. Rather than mailing out thousands out thousands of your own mailing packets at todays high postage cost, get hundreds of thousands mailed out through your own dealers.

Pointers for the Mail Order Professional


Most small business owners who have managed to survive the proverbial first 2 years in business probably started out thinking mail order was an easy business to get into.

Doing Business in July or August


Whoever started the nasty rumor that mail order business is very slow during the months of July and August is dead wrong. In case you are new to the world of mail order you are likely to believe this rumor.

Sell Information by Mail


Information is a time-tested product that will continue to make money particularly now that we have so many options and the society we live in is constantly hungry for information.

Advertising Ad Sheets = Big Profits


Publishing and distributing a mail order ad sheet can be very profitable. They are simple and easy to produce, with most quick print shops able to handle the printing at fairly low cost.

How to Respond to Requests for Free Information


Here's a common dilemma: You receive a letter enclosed with a copy of your ad that specifically states "...for more information, send $1." However, they DON'T enclose the $1.

Do You Give Your Customers Enough Information to Work Your Program?


Of course you do, right? Check again! More often than not I have watched people join a program, receive a camera-ready circular and are expected to know what to do with it.

How to Recruit Dealer/Distributors to Sell for You


Everyone dreams of owning a super money-making business where other people do all the work, and their only duties involve the approval of sales and bank deposit slips. It's the only way to go as a business owner.

How to Start & Operate a Successful Co-Op Mailing Service


Aside from advertising, the biggest expense involved in a mail order business is postage. This means that virtually everyone involved in mail order is on the lookout for ways to save money getting their sales offers out to prospects.

How to Make Money Fast, Renting Mailing Lists


Anyone wanting or needing to build a fast source of income should definitely consider establishing a mailing list rental business.

How to Develop a Worldwide Distributor Network


When you select a product, your choice should be based upon your knowledge of how and to whom you're going to sell it.

How to Make Big Money Fast, Renting Mailing Lists


Anyone wanting or needing to build a fast source of in come should definitely consider establishing a mailing list rental business.

How to Make Money Even when Your Ads Don't Pull


Step One: Advertise in a mail order magazine that you can co-publish. The price will be the same as the ad the first time only - usually a 50% discount thereafter.