Free Printing and Mailing


The biggest expense in the field of mail order is mailing and printing. Here is a very good, accepted plan for getting 600 3x6 circulars printed and mailed FREE!

  1. Find an offset printer in your locale or by mail order who charges $12 or $13 per thousand for printing 100 9x12's, both sides.

  2. Place the following advertisement in several leading mail-order publications:

    1000 3x6 circulars printed for only $3. Send camera-ready copy.

    Our non-conflicting ad on the back. (Your name and address).

  3. On a 9x12 sheet of paper you can get six 3x6 circulars.

  4. Six orders from you advertisement nets you $18 cash.

  5. You paste your customers' camera-ready 3x6 circulars on a 9x12 sheet of paper.

  6. You paste six of your own camera-ready 3x6 circulars on another 9x12 sheet of paper. These will be printed on the reverse side of your customers' circulars.

  7. Both copies are then sent to the printer for printing.

  8. After printing have the printer cut out each individual 3x6 circular apart.

  9. You will then have six 3x6 circulars, 1000 of each.

  10. Package the 3x6 circulars and ship them to the proper customer.

  11. Your customer has paid to have 1000 3X6 circulars printed. He will be doing the mailing. Your ad is printed on the back.


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