How to Compile a Directory for the Mail Order Market


Compiling a Directory and selling it in the mail order market is not only a FUN but a most lucrative and yet untapped field. However, if you want to be successful, you will have to be on you toes, always looking for new ideas and constant advertising.

Compiling and selling directories can bring fortunes because:

  1. It's an easy job

  2. No huge investment is required

  3. The market is huge

You should always keep the following things in mind:

  1. The topic should be a new one i.e. it has not been sold previously.

  2. When you collect information, remember, it should be correct, and must be updated and revised regularly. For this I suggest a simple idea - request the dealer that you are going to publish details and address on, to inform you whenever there is a change in address or in his/her rates, etc. for the product. Since the dealers will get free exposure, most will co-operate with you. It is better if you revise after six months or so, deleting the out of business dealers and adding, new ones. In fact, this is the most important and single factor which will help you in getting repeat business.

  3. It should be nicely printed.

  4. In your advertisement, clearly tell customers how many names, etc. will appear in your directory. Because you are selling information, even one address is as good as 50 addresses if the address is important and not easily available.

  5. Keep the rate to a maximum of $2 to $3.

  6. Always try to be in the process of preparing for a new directory. You will have to do a little bit of research, but this should be expected if you want some real profits.

For success, always plan new, think new, sell new!

You can do it this way... after selecting a topic:

Whenever you start reading a new publication, keep a colored pencil in your hand and give a careful reading to each ad, keeping in mind your topic. If you are listing addresses, then simply clip that ad and paste on a paper. Also, with a pencil write the issue of the publication and month/date of publication close to the clipping. This will help you when you revise your lists. If you have more than one idea in mind, pencils of different color help to make your job easier when you are compiling. Always advertise AFTER you have prepare your list as you may not be able to collect the number of addresses you had expected.

30 Directories You Can Compile from Mail Order Publications

  1. List of dealers who will publish your 1" C/R AD for $1.00.

  2. Dealers who will send their BIG MAIL for postage only.

  3. List of opportunity seekers.

  4. List typesetters of camera-ready ads and their rates.

  5. Dealers who will send 50 copies of your C/R ads for $2 for a 1" ad.

  6. List of 50% commission mailers.

  7. List of dealers who will offer you 100% dealership after a first purchase.

  8. Mail order enthusiasts seeking commission circulars paying 50% or more.

  9. Mailers who will distribute your publication for co-publishing rights.

  10. List of International Mail order dealers.

  11. Publications offering free subscriptions.

  12. Sources of free mail order publication and books.

  13. List of multilevel opportunity enthusiasts.

  14. Addresses and advertising rates of leading mail order publications with over 10,000 circulation.

  15. List of international penpal clubs. (For sale in USA).

  16. List of leading penpal clubs in the USA. (For Sale Outside of USA).

  17. Philatelic dealers who send Stamps FREE for approvals.

  18. Circular mailers who will distribute your circular in USA for 3 cents each.

  19. International circular mailers.

  20. List of various publications who will publish your 1" ad to over 10,000 after first time at less than $5.

  21. List of YOU-PRINT-I-MAIL dealers.

  22. List of exchange Advertisers. (X-Ads).

  23. List of quality mailing list dealers.

  24. Directory of Mailing List Buyers.

  25. List of dropship dealers.

  26. Publishers who will typeset FREE for insertion in their publication in exchange for your advertising in their publication.

  27. Bad Guys of Mail Order or Crooks in Mail Order Field.

  28. Directory of importers and exporters.

  29. Dealers who deal with adult items.

  30. Directory of adult items seekers.

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